Thursday 31 December 2015


With 2015 in it's final hours, I've found now is the best time to reflect on the past year which seems to be ending as quick as it started!

Whilst it hasn't been a tremendously successful year in terms of Alright Sunshine, yes this is entirely my own pitiful fault, I've had an incredible 12 months.

I've fallen in love with Paris all over again, cried over Lord of the Dance in London, made some friends and personal memories in Turkey, sung my heart out in Cardiff, applied for university, been to some incredible concerts and that's not even all.

But more of this may be discussed in coming weeks. for now, I'm going to share my most popular posts of 2015, be sure to click the post links if you haven't already read them!

Before I proceed, I'd like to mention that 7 of the top 14 posts are Trendsetter Tuesday's.

I''m still stunned that this had over 800 views this year, that's a big thank you to Sara for sharing the link with her followers.
Of course, a big thank you to Tamara too for doing the same.
Oh, and Liv too!
Obviously T Swizzle didn't retweet this, however as she'd such a searched lady of the 'net, this has ranked fourth!
I was so excited to share my favourite bag of the year with my readers and it was wonderful to see how well it was received.
This is probably my most important post to date, I had such positive feedback on this and every time I share the link on Twitter, it gains such a good reception.
We all like to be a bit nosey, and it's clear when you all had a little peek into my handbag!
All hail the queen of 90's teens. Clueless turned 20 this year so I couldn't resist swooning over Cher.
I've found it's important to see your previous successful pieces, see what went right and how you can continue to create interesting content. Definitely recommend. It's also great to share old posts with your readers.
Jamie Chung is no ordinary actress, she's a darn fashionable one.
The babe of all babes is Pretty Sickly, she's one hell of a trendsetter.
If you're after a Parisian filled post of tales and LOTS of pictures, you shouldn't miss this. You must check out my other Paris post here.
I bought SO many shoes earlier this year, it only seems logical to show you guys, right?
Nick Grimshaw's line with Topman, fave thing of 2015? Probably.

So there you have it, hope you enjoyed and please send me your best posts of the year in the comments below!

See you in 2016,

SB xo
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