Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Happy Halloween you little (angels &) devils!

I can't believe we're 10 minutes away from November already, where the the heck has this year disappeared to?

there's zero excuse for this being almost 4 months late, and I mean no excuse. I've had a whole summer off yet I've left it until now because I'm a BAD. BLOGGER.

It's been crazy fun though so at least I get to relive it all in blog post form.

Here goes my highlights of April - June 2017.

You might wanna grab a brew and some left sweets from the Trick or Treat bowl.


I'm still in disbelief with this one, but I received my first (second, third and fourth) 1ST grade this year! That's 4 for individual pieces of work, and 2 modules completed as a 1st overall. Hard work DOES pay off.


This is something really important, and pretty major may I add, but I reunited with some family this year that I haven't seen in far too long and it was amazing. And also a little messy, turns out I can't handle a few cans of 8% cider. Blame the uncle.


It may have been 10 years overdue, but mum and I finally met our wonderful Texan (& Charlie) friends which was the most fun, and surreal, week in London & Cardiff.
Let's hope it's not another 10 years.


George Ezra was as incredible as ever at his little secret Y Plas show in Cardiff, with a few cheeky new songs thrown in that has me all kinds of excited for his new album (which needs to be released ASPAP!)


I've chatted about this so much but it was a sun filled, swimming/sunbathing/chilling extravaganza of a fortnight and I'm gonna need another one like now.


First year has been completed (and Year 2 is well under way as I write this!) and I can honestly say that I'm so proud of myself for this one. It's been a long journey, and few years, that let me to this, but I made it with great grades and self-pride for the first time.

S xo
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Friday, 4 August 2017


Honey, I'm home! I'm so over taking extended breaks from my blog, but at the same time I'm struggling to find the words to write from post to post. It's fine, I'll get there, don't worry.

The past 8 weeks have been crazy busy with moving back home, sunning myself in Tenerife and my little job (which was amaze but I'm gonna give you the lowdown on that on my quarterly recap post coming soon), life hadn't slowed down until last week where I finally had a breather, and sleep. A LOT of sleep.

 So back to sunshine and tanning sesh's. I don't think I've ever needed a holiday as much as I needed one this year. With uni, certain financial stresses and life in general, my god did I need 2 weeks to forget the real world existed and to just lie under the sun with a très catchy playlist.

Whilst I'm still trying to finalise said playlist to share with y'all - because it's so damn good that I have to share - I do have some snaps to pass around. Tenerife is surprisingly gorgeous (to me at least), and whilst I've been there a few times, I was only small so I had the chance to see some parts with fresh eyes.

Me and my little travel buddy (that's mum to me) did our fair share of exploring, like walking for about 5 hours on 2 separate days, but mostly we relaxed, and in my case read about 7.5 books in 14 days. And for the nights we really couldn't be bothered finding a restaurant to eat in? Praise takeaway service and a peaceful balcony on a warm evening.

That little gem did take some outfit pictures for me though which I'm super happy about - how lush is that top?!

Now I'm off to continue planning out 5 days in Rome!
  Top - New Look  //  Skirt - Topshop (Similar)  //  Shoes - Topshop (Old)  //  Bag - Primark (Old)
S xo
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Monday, 12 June 2017


With summer approaching (well, the season is, whether the weather reflects the same is a total other story), I have to share my fave pairs of sunnies because I'm ridiculously obsessed with covering my eyes and feeling like a movie star. Oh it's raining? I couldn't tell with my pink mirror cat eye frames.

The best thing about throwing some shades on are not just the sun shields, but also to hide some hungover tired eyes after a few too many Sangrias by the beach. Cue me and a Spanish sunset next weekend.

I've tried to shake it up a little, but I'm kinda predictable, I like anything lively, glittery, big and shaped, I can't help it. Like that insane pair of round daisy sunnies I own. Tres cool. 

Burberry  //  Gucci  //  Saint Laurent  //  Thierry Lasry  //  Illesteva

Oh, and if someone can hit me up with a pair of red glittery shades similar to Gucci (but without the GG pricetag), I'll love ya forever 'n a day.

I absolutely have to update my collection before my vacay now. Oops.

S xo
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Ps: Leaf print credit goes to Show Me Your Mumu


Thursday, 1 June 2017


Jeans - Topshop  //  Shoes - Vans  //  Bag - Next

Surprise surprise, I'm sporting a pair of denim jeans, again. In fact, it's no shocker that I'm in double denim because let's be honest, when am I not? Finding the right shades to pair together, or contrasting colours can be difficult but I'm now throwing caution to wind and wearing any old shades of blue together 'cause I wanna.

However, I'm stuck in such a style rut at the mo that everyday is spent quietly weeping into my overflowing wardrobes (yeah, plural) before pulling out a pair of jeans and rolling with whatever top is nearest to me. I've become that tragic.

I recently read a post by Megan Ellaby of Pages By Megan where she said she was currently in the same predicament, and well if she's feeling that way then I don't feel like such a fashion student failure.

I'm forever wanting to shake up my style, I've become the jeans-and-blouse kinda gal, and whilst I totally love wearing that combo, I'm so hopelessly bored of it, and absolutely over feeling like I've not really made an effort. Throwing myself out of my comfort zone is something I've been doing a lot lately in terms of what I've ordered online, the next step is paring the items with something I wouldn't normally wear it with (ie; not jeans you absolute fiend).

I constantly look at my fave bloggers and thinking about how effortlessly they pull certain ensembles off and I think to myself 'why can't I do that?', and d'ya know what? I 100% can if I put my mind to it. Insert sassy lady emoji here.

So here's to new style ventures, stepping out of the safe zone and being happy with my wardrobe again. Chin chin and bottoms up.

Ps. How cute is his shirt I picked up at a kilo sale last year? And how photogenic is my lush Next box bag? It gives me all the Celine feels <3

S xo

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Sunday, 14 May 2017


It dawned on me today that I STILL hadn't shared the final NYC post with you lovely lot and that I should probably get to work so this little series can be boxed off ready for whatever trip I take next.

There are still so many places we either visited, or stumbled across, that I'm yet to show you and let's be honest, these are the the best bits.

On Day 2 we headed to the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum - in the Upper East Side - for the only compulsory trip on our 5 day itinerary, because oops this actually was a university trip! Scraps was only a small exhibition yet quite interesting and the museum itself is so interactive that if I hadn't been so eager to soak up this city, I could have spent waaay longer in there.
Okay, there's no denying that this trip was definitely done on a budget and whilst it wasn't the fanciest of hotels, the location was so incredible that I would definitely consider staying there next time I head to NYC.

Directly opposite the Hotel Pennsylvania was Madison Square Garden. Serious. The only saddening thing is that I wasn't there whilst a major concert was happening because I'd so be there.
If that wasn't cool enough, if you turn right out of our hotel and then right again, oh hi Empire State Building. And if you avoid the second right and walk 10 minutes down the road, you're in the middle of Times Square.
I didn't realise how small this area of the city actually is!

This Hard Rock Cafe restaurant is absolutely amazing, I was in awe the whole time I was there. And I've never had such massive food portions.

TIP; I really ought to point out the tip situation again though, be careful when tipping because our group were made to feel terrible for not tipping a waitress something extortionate for doing so little for us. I'm not giving anyone $7 for bringing me a drink.
Fifth Avenue is every bit the window shopping experience you imagine it to be. There's so many major names down there (it's also the longest damn street I've been down!), we headed into a few stores but you know you gotta step away when there's doormen guarding outside. 

And yes, we definitely went into Tiffany's!
There were a few last minute/accidental places we saw like Radio City Music Hall. It's so iconic and, although it was on my list, we hadn't actually decided to see it, it was just by chance that I looked down a street and found it! Also cool side note; when travelling up the Rockefeller Centre, you can see RCMH!

And just a few doors down is the studios where the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is filmed.
I had the biggest Friends With Benefits freakout moment, not just whilst stood in the station, but seeing the Pershing Square that Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake went for dinner *ahem* at the end of the film. Not excited by that. No. Not. At. All. 
On our way to South Ferry we managed to completely miss our stop, continue travelling on the subway and ended up in Bay Ridge which is so far from our stop that we had to laugh so much just to avoid crying. I recommend looking up both places just see how tragic our travelling was.

However, how cute does it look in Bay Ridge?
All I can say in response to this vacation is; Holy Moly, pinch me, this actually really bloody happened!

It was crazy start to finish, unforgettable and it's left me with this overwhelming urge to return ASAP. The only other place to capture my whole heart is Paris. See you in November, France.

S xo

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Ps. I'm so disappointed that I sung neither Welcome to New York or New York, New York whilst I was there. Sob sob.

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