Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I've been wearing band shirts since way before my mum bought my first Busted tour shirt back in 2004, it was my absolute favourite top, and something I still pull out of the drawer to look at from time to time. Fast forward 12 years and I've owned over 80 different ones. I feel sick when I think of all of that money.

They're without a doubt the comfiest tees to wear, as well as being the perfect item to wear in bed (especially the baggy ones), team that with having a logo or cool print on it and I'm completely sold.

However, we're all still left thinking 'How are you supposed to style them in a cool and fashionable way?'. Whilst it's all too easy to throw on a pair of ripped jeans and Converse with your cut up 2005 My Chemical Romance shirt, (and yes, that does still look cool thank you very much), there are far more ways to wear them.

I took this challenge upon myself because I'm fed up of loving my shirts but never bringing them out to the world, I even put myself on a ban from buying them which was oh so heartbreaking. When I took to Twitter about this, it seems you're all struggling too.

Below are some of my stylings.

Reduced price band shirts are always a firm fave for me, but when one of my fave bands are selling shirts off on their final tour, I couldn't not snap a couple up. (See below for the second SYB shirt)

I really like dressing this shirt up, it's interesting how it doesn't look out of place either. It obviously teams well with jeans because that's how we all wear them, but throw on some skyscraper shoes and some leather and you have a match made in heaven.

Plus, who doesn't love to show off a back print?

Another SYB shirt, another back print, another day. This was practically sewn to my body when I first bought it.

I love how it looks with a plain white A-line skirt, leave it baggy over the waistband to show off the back and you're left with something verging girly with that edgy twist. Plus, you can never go wrong with platform boots to complete your outfit. 

If I had a pound for every time I've worn this shirt out, or to bed, then I'd be rolling in the cash. It's one of the comfiest shirts I own and I love the opportunity to represent, and promote, one of my absolute favourite bands ever. (Definitely my favourite band since my other faves split up, I'm looking at you KIGH!)

I'm prone to wearing this with the above outfit as the front emblem doesn't make it seem so much of a band shirt until up close. It's a comfy take on the shirt but keeps it more chic.

After buying this on impulse at their final London show last year, I feared that it would be another
£20 tee that would end up in my pyjama drawer and become another hideously priced bed shirt.

But when I tried these items on together, I figured that it can totally be dressed up and can be seen in the light of day, because let's face it, this shirt can be totally cool.

Who doesn't love a band shirt with tailored trousers and monochrome pointed heels? 
If you'd like to see another post on how to style band shirts, then let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

SB xo
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Wednesday, 3 August 2016


It's been just over 4 weeks since I finally quit my job (hooray!) and thankfully I've still managed to keep a little bit of a routine in terms of my sleeping pattern. However it's obvious that when I'm sat in bed writing at 1am, drinking tea and side eyeing another episode of Arrow, things aren't going quite as well as they should.

It's been a stressful week so far, and very ridiculously emotional (this is getting way out of hand now), which is why I'm typing this out on Wednesday morning when this should have been posted on Tuesday night. Today, I'm not even sorry about that because sometimes life has to take priority.

I have become a much more positive and optimistic person as I've gotten older (a full 180 to my 10 year old self), but even my happy-go-lucky attitude gets put to the test when life throws a few (or a dozen) curveballs. That's precisely why I'm telling you what's currently keeping me positive.

1. I'm going to London in 3 days for a week long trip. Just exploring, memory making and some precious mother-daughter bonding time in the big city.

2. I have been allocated the university dorm room I requested which was finally offered to me today. Okay, so it's slightly more expensive but it's right across from the campus, round the corner from the Arena and it's a Premium room! Winner winner, chicken dinner.

3. My mum's support and help has been everything this past year, and she's help me see straight the past few days when I've really just wanted to lie down and give up. That's a million momma.

4. My wonderful online friends who are there to pick me up when I'm down, even whilst writing this I had some wonderful messages on Twitter that really perked me up and made me smile, even if briefly.

5. In 7 weeks I'll be surrounded by like minded people which is something I've craved my whole life. I've always wanted to share my interests with others (aside from music) and studying in Cardiff will be the perfect way to connect with others in the same field I'm so passionate about.

6. The need to work hard on my blog is getting stronger, I'm constantly trying to think of new ideas, ways to share content and people to connect with to be creative!

7. Healthy eating may not be returning any results in terms of my weight (and that's definitely a negative because I keep trying so hard!) but I'm trying and that's what counts. I'm positive that the results will turn in my favour soon.

8. I'm still alive.
Blouse - Marks & Spencer  //  Skirt - Matalan  //  Shoes - Primark  //  Bag - Primark
 So, with that out of the way, I'll move onto the deets on today's outfit.

I fell so in love with this blouse as soon as it hit the M&S sale, but since I'd just finished work I kept telling myself that I wasn't allowed to spend £18 on a shirt - reduced or not. Imagine my excitement when it had been reduced even further online to just £8.49! It's so classy, girly and different as well as being super versatile (OH MY GOD IT HAS RUFFLES!). I can't wait to style this with jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts etc. Basically, I'm painfully obsessed with monochrome and gingham.

I've had this skirt a few years now, it was a total bargain full price in Matalan, and as soon as I saw it I realised that I needed a pink pleather skirt - like yesterday. It's not the most comfortable (probably because of the whole more weight gain than loss) but I always feel cute in it, and teamed with this blouse, I feel like the ultimate babe.

Mules are my fave shoes, this has probably become quite evident over the past couple of months, and these are my go to for whenever I feel like dressing an outfit up.
SB xo
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Sunday, 24 July 2016


I know, I know, I know, I said that Tuesday's were gonna be the day for putting out outfit posts, but in my defence what I had planned to post today isn't finished and this was, so I guess you're getting it early!

Once again this is an outfit compiled solely of sale items, and sadly these TO DIE FOR platform brogues have just sold out :( (Take a look in store though as they are only £12!)

Oh Miss Selfridge, you've treated me so well in the footwear department this sale.

I've been so obsessed with platform shoes for the past 18 months or so and I've been itching to get a hold of some lace up brogue types since daily swooning over the Stella McCartney range. Here's where Miss Selfridge came and saved the day with these super comfortable and uber chic pale pink high street alternatives.

I think we all know what my go-to shoes will be for the rest of the year!

This blouse is yet to have it's first outing but it was love at first sight when I first spied it in my local New Look store, fast forward 8 weeks or so and I found it in the ASOS sale for about £11. It's a little oversized but I like to style it half unbuttoned so the material drapes to avoid me looking like a beach ball (definitely no name pun intended). I've paired it with these Topshop tailored trousers from a couple of years back which are the main source of my go-to smart wear.
Blouse - New Look  //  Trousers - Topshop  //  Shoes - Miss Selfridge  //  Sunglasses - New Look

SB xo
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Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Being so into fashion often leads to multiple heartbreaks every single season. Whether it's a Chloé bag, Gucci blouse or  Balmain dress, we're left feeling blue at the sob-worthy price tag and knowing we'll most likely never own them.

This leads us to go and seek out alternatives and similars for just a fraction of the price.

Now, I know this receives many mixed views, and I do anticipate some ear bashing on Social Media for what I am about to say, but I'm actually okay with replica designer wear. This includes counterfeit versions of the real thing.

I'm now remembering why I'm so scared to post this.

As you may know, I like going to Turkey for a cheap vacation, it's ridiculously affordable in terms of package deal, food, drink etc. It's also the 'Fake' goods capital.

Previous posts of mine have featured, the likes of 'Chloé' and 'Chanel' bags, perhaps you didn't notice the brand logo but the design most probably looked very familiar to you.

When you love a bag so much, as I do the Chloé Faye & Drew, you'll likely do anything to have one at least similar to the real thing, like trawling for hours around the bazaar in Marmaris and up and down the shopping strip in hopes of finding a great and affordable alternative. That's what I did.

I can't tell you the amount of times people actually thought I had a real Mulberry Bayswater costing around £800, when in fact it was a £29 replica.

But here's the thing; I never claim that they're real, yes it would be fun to watch people's stunned faces thinking I'd shelled out all that cash, but the satisfaction should stay firmly within the bag you've purchased and how much you adore it.

Sadly the real thing would cost at least 1 month's wage and as a soon-to-be student, that money is not available for me to invest in something that will have depreciated to nothing by the time I come to sell it a few years down the line.

I think it's time to stop frowning on others for not owning the 'real thing', £1.000 is unreasonable for a bag these days so is there any wonder that half of us actually own a replica?

I would also like to point out though, that yes it's a little dishonest of us to be parading our 'fakes' and it somewhat appears to mock the original designers work whilst taking the exclusivity out of designer products, but until their prices reduce and I stop being paid minimum wage, the only way I can go is by using replica or high street versions.
Additional inner bag, Celine 

Chloé 'Faye'
Chanel 'Boy'

 Mulberry 'Bayswater'
Chloe 'Drew'

I'm intrigued to hear your views on this, so please let me know in the comments below.

SB xo
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Tuesday, 12 July 2016


For the duration of summer, I'm definitely planning on sharing a new outfit each Tuesday, however choosing something new each week is something a little more difficult than first realised. The reason? I'm now unemployed and money isn't quite as easy to spend when you're living off your savings. Still, time off is definitely rewarding!

This shirt was pushed to the back  of my wardrobe some months ago, after buying a thicker, prettier and crisper shirt from a River Island sale, I decided this was not to be worn unless desperate seeing as it's so paper thin (no thanks). But, after pulling it back out of the closet, I found it super comfortable and looks surprisingly neat with my trusty old Jamie jeans which are virtually sewn onto my legs. Sorry not sorry.

I'm a sucker for sales, in fact most of my clothes are purchased at a reduced price (although that's totally not good for a future fashion student, time to bite the bullet and buy this season) and these shoes are no exception. These Miss Selfridge shoes are comfortable yet totally gorgeous and versatile sandals that I'm now going to wear forever!
Shirt - H&M // Jeans - Topshop // Shoes - Miss Selfridge
I guess it's time to raid the pile to find the next outfit!

SB xo
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