Monday, 2 January 2017


After the many tragedies of 2016, it almost seems out of place for me to be thanking a year that many of us cursed, but I can't help feeling gratitude for a year that changed my life. Cliche? So what.

It can only be described as a 12-month personal rollercoaster, with moments that literally made me go whoa and the confidence boost that I've been seeking for as long as I can remember. I may not be at my confidence peak but it's nice to see it rise up the metaphorical meter. 

1. Gaining a place at uni
If that's not the most life changing thing (to me), then I really don't know what is. I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I received that offer email!

2. Moving to my favourite city
Cardiff has been my favourite city (okay, aside from Paris and London) since my first trip in 2009. I fell in love with the size of it, how friendly everyone is and how all round lovely Cardiff is. After being so desperate to move there, I finally did!

3. Starting university
Okay, so maybe this is the most life changing thing. Everything is going to well so far and I love it so much. Definitely well worth the 4 year wait.

4. Seeing my favourite musical for the first (and second time)
Les Misérables is my favourite musical everrrrrrr. After falling in love with it a few years back (soz, I was way late to the musical scene) I've become ridiculously obsessed with the 19th Century tale and my wonderful mum surprised me with tickets this August whilst we were in London. Yes, I cried for about half an hour after she put the tickets in my hand, and proceeded to cry for the whole entire even, right the way through the show. Naturally, I had to go back to see it for my birthday. GO AND SEE IT NOW!

5. Spending my birthday in London
This leads me on to my next point, spending my birthday in a bloody top city. I feel like I go to London so much these days (and I have another 2 trips there in the next 5 weeks) but I fall in love with it every time I'm there so it seemed the best option for a good birthday. I'm just sad my mum couldn't make it :(

6. Leaving my job
Saying goodbye to my job was a big step, after 4 years there and it being my first job, it was emotional leaving some people behind, but onwards and upwards!

7. Seeing Panic! at the Disco live three times
Last year I was lucky enough to see Panic! three times with mum (I STILL regret not doing to the Ally Pally shows in November but let's move on). After almost 10 years of seeing them live, I can say that they get better and better every time,

8. Falling in love with Star Trek
It's been about 3 or 4 years since I saw the 2009 reboot film, and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was only in 2016 that I became obsessed with the 50 year old franchise after watching Into Darkness on the train to London in the summer. Yes, I will be struck down for liking that film, it's the awkward middle child of a film that everyone ignores, but I personally like it. The franchise helped me through the most anxious summer as well as my big move, and I can't thank every character and actor, and of course Gene Roddenberry, enough for how it helped me.

9. Harry Potter Studio Tour
2016 was also the year I FINALLY went to Leavesden to walk around in awe for hours whilst finding out so much about the HP films. Don't even talk to me about the magical world of Dumbledore's office. Holy moly. And a tear or two shed at the Hogwarts model.

10. Heading to Newcastle to see Little Mix
How it's been nearly a year since I travelled to Newcastle is beyond me. From getting very drunk on Skittles to dancing like I'm in Little Mix at the show, all in all it was a top trip.
What were your 2016 highlights?

S xo
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Monday, 19 December 2016


With just over 4 weeks until I head off to NYC, I'm scouring all the shops (and online stores) to find some of the best buys to keep me cosy, yet chic, in the Big Apple. Who says the cold weather calls for frumpy and thick clothing?

First off, I basically want to buy all of H&M right now because their sweaters are so cute and ridiculously cheap. Don't even get me started on their scarves and hats. 1 of everything, please?
I've already bought a couple of knitwear pieces from them this week (see the scarf above) and I'm pretty much going to live in them for the rest of winter.

Every A/W I always struggle to find a coat I either love enough to fork out for, or one that I'll actually wear at an affordable price. That pretty much sums up why I just live in my khaki Matalan parka for 5 months straight. However, there are some absolutely lush biker jackets about right now such as New Look pink jacket, Topshop Shearling & Boohoo Black Eloise that look so cosy and toasty! I definitely want them all.

After some hunting I've made a little wishlist (complete with links) so you can enjoy the rest of your Winter looking ridiculously cool (but totes warm).
Grey scarf  |  Reversible scarf  |  Boohoo biker jacket  |  Burgundy pom hat  |  Grey pom hat  |  Gloves  |  Topshop biker jacket

Black blouse  |  Metallica shirt  |  Grey sweater  |  Black tassel jeans  |  Western belt  |  Sunglasses  |  Vans  |  MOTO rose skirt

You're welcome.

If you have any NYC recommendations then please leave them in the comments below or share them with me on Twitter/Instagram!

S xo
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Friday, 9 December 2016


If there's proof that time seems to be whizzing by super fast, its the fact it's been almost 2 weeks since my birthday. I'm now 23, and as usual I feel no older. There's no major turning point other than my age now relates to Blink 182's What's My Age Again (I definitely played up to that in Live Lounge last Wednesday night after a few Disaronno and Pepsi's).

After being forced to work on my birthday last year, I made a vow to myself that I would do something fun this year, so I made plans and headed off to London for a 2-night break. Sadly some original plans fell through (like my mum being poorly), so I took my nan to all of my fave places instead.

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with musicals, like ridiculously out-of-hand-obsessed, and at the very top of my absolute faves is Les Misérables, I mean who doesn't love songs about a 19th Century rebellion where nearly every character dies? 

With my birthday being on a Sunday, I was unable to see Les Mis (due to it being a no performance day), so I headed to the Queen's Theatre on the Monday evening instead and cried my way through the show for the second time around. It was very emotional knowing that was the last time I would see those particular actors playing Fantine, Eponine, Cosette & Marius.

I still haven't shared my summer London trip with you all, but be prepared, it is definitely coming in the next couple of weeks because I have so much to tell you! 

There were no other plans for the trip other than the show so we mostly ended up strolling Oxford Street and Regent Street, taking in the pretty Christmas lights and doing a spot of shopping, all whilst revelling in the festive spirit.

There's something so magical about London in December isn't there?

And when you have time to spare before heading home? Well, there's always room for a trip to the Theatre Cafe on Shaftesbury Ave.

I'm totally that person who takes pictures of cool bathrooms.
S xo
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Friday, 23 September 2016


It's been said time and time again that growing up is the hardest time of your life, there's school, exams, puberty, life changing decisions and change. That's without friendships, relationships and break ups. I really found growing up tough, so quite frankly I'm a little glad I didn't have too many friends and had zero relationships. It was less heartbreak to endure when they would inevitably come to an end.

However, when you reach twenty-two years old, having spent your life being single, it's suddenly harder to accept that you're getting older without ever having someone by your side. 

 I'll be honest, the prospect of entering a relationship now terrifies me - it's not quite as easy to find a potential partner, who's in the same boat as you, when you're in your twenties as it would have been when you were sixteen.

Are you sure you're not a lesbian?

There's only so many times I can dispel people's theories that perhaps I'm actually a lesbian because I've never had a boyfriend. To be quite honest, that seriously offends me. Especially when I overhear a family member ask my mum this as soon as I left the room because he was so stunned I'd never been in a relationship. When I entered the room to tell him 'no, I'm most definitely straight', he replied with 'how do you know if you've never had a boyfriend?', like it's seriously that simple.

I've always told my family that if I were interested in the same sex then I wouldn't hide away from that, I have a good enough support system surrounding me that I would be proud to tell people that guys didn't do it for me. But the thing is, I've been interested in plenty of guys in the past, but sadly nothing became of it aside from some good friendships that lasted a few years. 

Is there something wrong with me?

I can't tell you how many times I have asked myself this. I used to second guess everything I did, how I dressed, how I applied my make up, and even tried to hide my mouth when I laughed so my few slightly crossed over teeth weren't on show or my nose didn't spread too far over my face. I was so sure that I wasn't attractive enough, or perhaps I had a bit too much weight around my middle. Perhaps I wasn't girly enough, liked too much Pop-Punk and favoured skinny jeans over cute sundresses instead.

Thankfully I've since snapped out of most of that way of thinking, yes I'm good enough and yes there will be someone out there for me, but it doesn't make it any easier when you're one of the only single girls out of your friends. 

The odd one out

My Facebook timeline is filled with friends who are pregnant, getting engaged, married or celebrating anniversaries, and whilst I'm not asking for major commitment or a family, just something would make me feel more 'normal'.

No one wants to attend weddings alone or family parties where your +1 is your mobile phone, even kissing strangers isn't exciting anymore when you realise that you only did it because you were drunk and liked the attention.

Don't give up hope

With all of this being said, I'm still only in my early twenties with 3 years of university and a whole life ahead of me. It wouldn't be fair for me to write myself off as a spinster just yet.

Here's a head up for those of you approaching 22, it's not always like a Taylor Swift song, but I hope you're happy in whatever situation you are/will be in.

S xo
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Ps. Apologies for the blog radio silence lately, packing up my life and moving to Wales was a big job, as was starting university this week, but fingers crossed I'll be back to normal asap.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I've been wearing band shirts since way before my mum bought my first Busted tour shirt back in 2004, it was my absolute favourite top, and something I still pull out of the drawer to look at from time to time. Fast forward 12 years and I've owned over 80 different ones. I feel sick when I think of all of that money.

They're without a doubt the comfiest tees to wear, as well as being the perfect item to wear in bed (especially the baggy ones), team that with having a logo or cool print on it and I'm completely sold.

However, we're all still left thinking 'How are you supposed to style them in a cool and fashionable way?'. Whilst it's all too easy to throw on a pair of ripped jeans and Converse with your cut up 2005 My Chemical Romance shirt, (and yes, that does still look cool thank you very much), there are far more ways to wear them.

I took this challenge upon myself because I'm fed up of loving my shirts but never bringing them out to the world, I even put myself on a ban from buying them which was oh so heartbreaking. When I took to Twitter about this, it seems you're all struggling too.

Below are some of my stylings.

Reduced price band shirts are always a firm fave for me, but when one of my fave bands are selling shirts off on their final tour, I couldn't not snap a couple up. (See below for the second SYB shirt)

I really like dressing this shirt up, it's interesting how it doesn't look out of place either. It obviously teams well with jeans because that's how we all wear them, but throw on some skyscraper shoes and some leather and you have a match made in heaven.

Plus, who doesn't love to show off a back print?

Another SYB shirt, another back print, another day. This was practically sewn to my body when I first bought it.

I love how it looks with a plain white A-line skirt, leave it baggy over the waistband to show off the back and you're left with something verging girly with that edgy twist. Plus, you can never go wrong with platform boots to complete your outfit. 

If I had a pound for every time I've worn this shirt out, or to bed, then I'd be rolling in the cash. It's one of the comfiest shirts I own and I love the opportunity to represent, and promote, one of my absolute favourite bands ever. (Definitely my favourite band since my other faves split up, I'm looking at you KIGH!)

I'm prone to wearing this with the above outfit as the front emblem doesn't make it seem so much of a band shirt until up close. It's a comfy take on the shirt but keeps it more chic.

After buying this on impulse at their final London show last year, I feared that it would be another
£20 tee that would end up in my pyjama drawer and become another hideously priced bed shirt.

But when I tried these items on together, I figured that it can totally be dressed up and can be seen in the light of day, because let's face it, this shirt can be totally cool.

Who doesn't love a band shirt with tailored trousers and monochrome pointed heels? 
If you'd like to see another post on how to style band shirts, then let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

S xo
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