Tuesday, 17 May 2016


I remember stumbling across Victoria on Twitter and thinking how she was an absolute breath of fresh air in the blogging world, and my timeline. A few months later I sourced the fashionista on Instagram and suddenly there was no turning back from becoming an avid fan of In the Frow.

I adored her ultra feminine style and also how she mixed it with an edgier twist, everything was and still most certainly is sleek. That's definitely the word I would use when talking about ITF.

If I'm to choose one thing to be envious of - and my god choosing one is such a difficulty - it's Victoria Magrath's extensive bag collection, ranging from Chloe & Celine to Anya Hindmarch & Givenchy, it's every girls sartorial dream. Cue the total swoon fest.

I find myself constantly inspired by her outfits, blog and travels as well as her love for Burberry & Cartel, yes we have definitely both bonded over that band on Twitter.

She manages to create content full of elegance and sincerity, her images and blog layout are clean and crisp, her hair & make up are done to perfection and she carries herself with such professionalism.

However, it's also nice to see the more personal side of her on Snapchat, where she's not all made up, she sings along to her favourite songs, and shows her interests whilst giving us peak into her reality. That's what I admire most.

Whilst I definitely prefer blogs that feature more high street than high end fashion - because we totally can't afford that - I like to live out my lavish fantasies through Victoria who has, and continues to work hard to make her name known and to shout louder than a lot of others in her industry. Surely after her success, a girl can treat herself from time to time?

So Victoria, thank you for bringing my girly side back to the surface, I'm excited to explore the new me.

SB xo
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Thursday, 12 May 2016


(Photo credit: WhatOliviaDid)

The Monogram trend has to be one of my all time favourites, it may have started with Burberry back in 2014 but my love is still very alive and well in 2016.
It's become a new seasonal tradition for Burberry to offer personalisation on their garments, if Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is wearing a scarf or Cara Delevingne is wearing a cape from the British fashion house, then you'll most definitely see large embroidered RHW or CD somewhere on the item. It may be costly to brand your name on your clothes, but who doesn't want to wear their identity?
(Photo credit: WishWishWish)

Carrie chose the personalised monogram approach on her WishWishHen trip for her bachelorette weekend to Disney. How adorable are these jackets she had made for the girls with their names on them? They're oh so Instagram/Blog-worthy, I can't wait for her DIY post on them!
(Photo credit: WhatOliviaDid)
Not only is it cute and fun to have your name/initials branded on your clothing and accessories, it makes them unique and makes you want to take a billion photos to share with the world and his wife. That's a good a reason as any, right?

Not only do clothes look absolutely super duper with your name embroidered on them, but why stop there? All you need to do is scroll through Instagram and you'll see mugs, cushions, candles, notebooks etc with initials on them, or even blog names. They're my fave accessories!
(Photo credit to Sophie & Olivia)

Are you loving the monogram trend? What items do you own?

I'm off to drink some tea in my S mug.

SB xo
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Sunday, 8 May 2016


Trench Coat - Aquascutum | Blouse - H&M | Jeans - Topshop | Shoes - Topshop 

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the constant garden pictures, I'm constantly trying to find the confidence to go elsewhere, in public, to shoot some shots but the thought somewhat terrifies me. The thought of other people watching me, who most probably don't understand, scares me silly. I even grew fed up when taking these snaps because I felt horrendous in them all (see how my hairstyle changes 3 times?) however I managed to salvage a few to share because I was fully committed to his post. #blogplans

I'm currently on the flight to Turkey (I'll be sunning myself by the time you read this) and I have high hopes that pictures will be taken in pretty settings with people around and I won't care, but we'll not rely too heavily on that! 

Moving on. If you know me in person then you'll probably know how I live in these jeans 89.9999% of the time I'm out of work, they're the comfiest pair I own and make me feel the best I've ever felt! Because of my shape and size, I find that Topshop's Jamie jeans do the trick. 

I've paired them with this pale blue blouse that has been a constant Spring staple since I purchased it a few years back, it looks cute with the majority of my wardrobe and is so comfortable that I can be relaxed yet look chic-smart.

How cute are these mules?! Thanks to a sale a few seasons back, I purchased 3 (oops!) pairs and they are the lightest shoes everrrrr, I've even bought 2 pairs along with me on this trip. They bring a spring/summer feel to all my outfits and make me think the sun is finally gonna show!

My Aquascutum trench is another staple, you wouldn't believe that it was a hand me down would you? It may be 2 sizes too big for me, but thanks to the coats belt - and my mum - it fits much sleeker and is the perfect companion for the vast majority of the UK's weather (except for this weekend! Must wipe my brow).

The whole outfit makes me feel my age (finally!) without feeling terribly uncomfortable. Definite Spring go-to!

Ps. Totally not wearing these jeans and shoes to travel in...not at all.
I definitely reached the point with these photos where I gave up, this was the result. 

SB xo
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Friday, 6 May 2016


With my holiday just 1 day away, I'm thinking of everything I want to do, the sun I'm going to bathe in and the beautiful sunsets I'm going to watch. I'm so ready for a break away and I'm constantly thinking about where I want to go next. But ya know, there's this whole uni thing where I'm going to be a broke student so it looks like I'll be fulfilling my wanderlust through my favourite travel blogs instead. Oh the tragedy (except maybe not, because I'm going to get more education - yay!)

At first I thought it would be easy to write out my list of favourite travel bloggers because I love nosey-ing on others and sharing links with everyone to spread the love. However, scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed I found that I followed far too few jetsetters so I made it my next task to find some cracking people to praise.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much I have come to, because let's face it - who doesn't love seeing gorgeous photography of beautiful places both near and far?

WARNING: May cause intense travel envy and wanderlust.

Paris by Neighbourhood: Sacré Cœur
When I first thought of this post, Brooke's blog was the first one to spring to mind, with her worldwide jetsetting and her exciting photography, you'll be hard pushed to find something you dislike about it.
On WoW you can find guides, honeymoon locations, travel decor, food, beauty, reviews and much more on restaurants, hotels, airlines, cities and countries. 

Follow Brooke as she embarks on her next adventure - who knows where it will be?

Pauline Egge writes about her worldly adventures on Petite Passport, she hares her guides and reviews, pointing you to all the best restaurants, places, stores etc based on their interior!

PP shares stories from 24 different countries which is perfect if you're looking for a little bit of inspiration for your travels.

If you're a sucker for interior over the globe, you definitely don't want to miss this blog.

I've followed Jessica on Instagram for quite a while now, with her beautiful fashion posts and to die to for locations, however I only thought to click on her blog just recently. With so many places crossed off her list, you'll see Jessica sharing her stunning and 'overflowing' wardrobe set against the most idyllic locations from around the globe.

Perfect for bloggers who enjoy both fashion and travel and super dreamy photography.

Brooklyn Bridge
Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad is quite clearly the queen of travel, with her list of countries racking up to over 50, it's probably easier to ask her where she hasn't been as opposed to where she has.

Not only does she recommend where to eat, what to do and where to go, Kiersten gives you tips for travelling to each country, apps you'll need for your trips and dos and dont's tips.

You can also view Kiersten's other interests such as fashion, festivals, food etc which are all showcased in photos whilst on her travels.

Find out how best to travel by reading The Blonde Abroad.

Malta Travel
Alex has spend the past 5 years travelling after booking a one way ticket out of the U.S.

Since finishing her Fine Arts degree in 2011, she has made a name, and career, for herself by travelling the world and she says on her site that she has not had a permanent address since. She's even racked up 80, 000 monthly readers!

Alex shares her adventures through writing and photography whilst exploring more design.

12hrs is an exciting blog full of travel, design, fashion, art and guides from around the globe, all made into short itineraries to help you maximise your 12 hours in the city.

The amount of times I've gone to a city and only had a few hours to explore! I never know where to start so this blog is perfect if you're wanting to catch some hotspots before leaving.

You can find where to eat, what to see and what to do with limited time.

SB xo
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Sunday, 1 May 2016


It's Bank Holiday weekend, and whilst I'm a Bitter Betty over the fact I'm working BH Monday, a nice chilled weekend makes it all that more bearable. 

It's been 3 months now and I'm still excited when I think about a free weekend, after 7 and a half years of 6am starts every other weekend, it still feels like the biggest privilege.

Obviously every Saturday and Sunday are different but I also have formed new rituals which make my weekends feel more productive and enjoyable. No morning rush, no lugging bails of newspapers and best of all, no alarm clock!

I love to wake up early, grab a cup of tea before heading back to bed to really wake myself up. The warmth is something I'm way too attached to so I like cocooning myself back into my duvet whilst watching something on Netflix or catching up on the latest blog posts on Bloglovin'.

On really special weekends I'll grab a big bowl of cornflakes, the biggest mug of Yorkshire, consume it all in bed and fall asleep until a more reasonable time of morning - or afternoon, ahem.

Lately I've been so into exercise, I try to do the 10 Minute Victoria's Secret workout at least 3-4 nights a week, only because my thighs and bum are dead so any more would probably kill me off! Weekend's allow me more time to hit the Zumba, workout or even a walk which helps motivate me for the coming week.

Although I used to only work for the maximum of 3 hours a day when I worked weekends, I find I have so much more free time now. First of all I still don't have great lie-ins because of my ridiculous body clock so I find I'm up early ready to start to the day, so afternoons have a little more spare time to actually take pictures for my blog which was definitely a rarity a few months back.

With working full time during the week, weekends are the only time I can have proper sunlight for my blog photos so I now like to make the most of it.

In the afternoon - if I've not been lazy all morning - I like to drink tea and eat a pastry or something tasty whilst catching up on The Flash (Barry Allen is my hero) because why not? And yes, I drink waaaaaaay too much tea. Sorry not sorry.

Finishing the day with blog planning makes me motivated and stops me stressing on a Monday because I need to start planning something for the week. I use my Google calendar, and my iPad one, to plan what I'm writing, photographing and posting, and when I'm doing them. It's worked a treat these past 2 weeks because now I'm super organised for my holiday!

So that's how I spend my days off, it's most definitely time to exercise now, or maybe eat more popcorn, binge on Saving Hope and drink Snowball's.

What are your weekend rituals?

SB xo
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