The boring but legal stuff has to be outlined for you all on the ol’ blog, apologies for the waffle but you know how it is. I’m not cool with being in trouble, unless it’s because I’ve been a bit cheeky and tried to be funny.

PR Samples: I have not yet accepted PR samples but am very open to doing so if it’s for a product I am genuinely interested in and would be looking to purchase myself. Anything marked with an asterisk [*] has been sent to me as a PR sample and for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own and honestly is the best policy and I can’t stress enough how much I will be honest (without being downright mean/rude)/

Sponsored Posts: As will PR samples, I am open to sponsored posts and will only accept something I’m passionate about to keep inline with the true reflections of myself and my blog. However I will not accept content from another person onto this blog. All content has been written by myself and and sponsored posts will be honest and include full disclosure.

Alright Sunshine partakes in an affiliate advertising program (ShopStyleCollective). There are a certain amount of links through the website which, when clicked, will redirect you another page. If this is a website in which you can make a purchase, there is the potential that I may make a commission from that click and/or purchase. This does not cost the reader any additional money. (All posts including affiliate links with include a show disclaimer at the beginning of each post)

Any links to third-party sites are used as additional information to the reader and Alright Sunshine does not accept any responsibility for the content or privacy policy from third-party sites.

All opinions are my own.

For any enquiries, please drop me a line at: samantha.ball@live.com

Now that’s all been cleared up, please enjoy the rest of my blog where it’s a bit less formal and more chatty chatty chatty.

Sam xo


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