Thursday 13 November 2014


The best (and worst) part of fashion is that everything is recycled. We all know that every so often the fashion industry revisits a past decade of clothing that some adored, and many feared seeing again. 2014 has seen a major seventies/nineties craze again with chokers, platform shoes and...flares. 

For the past few years, the words flares, wide leg and bootcut have haunted me. Especially during my emo phase. Such pants have made me wince and scrunch my nose up and made me feel repulsed. To be quite frank, my thoughts probably would have remained much the same if I hadn't seen Danielle Bernstein rocking a pair of bootleg jeans a few months back, or become so cringe-worthy obsessed with Megan Ellaby's (Pages By Megan) style. Thanks to Megan, I feel like a new woman and have been trawling ASOS, amongst other sites, for a pair of wide leg's that I must have. Admittedly, I've found far too many.

However, I am more than aware that many people still share my former thoughts on such trousers so I'm here to share some pictures, and my top online item picks, to sway you over to the dark side. ...Sorry?
Doesn't Megan make them look incredible?!
Are you sold yet?

- SB xo
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