Sunday 26 April 2020


Hello my loves, I hope you're all keeping well and safe, and aren't too anxious or stressed at this bizarre old time. 

Life has been both normal and abnormal in my household, my mum is having to isolate at home for health reasons, but I'm still going out to work (now full time), so being home is odd and awkward trying to co-ordinate our way out rooms without getting too close to the other person (oh and having to wear surgical masks when in the car together), it's really not fun. But we're trying to keep our spirits up - it's working for the most part.

There have been days where I've been immensely grateful that I work in a pharmacy - job stability, amazing colleagues and friends, and lots of support from the people around us. There have also been days where I've resented it and half wished I hadn't started working there at all because all I want is to stay cocooned at home and not have to face reality or deal with any potential virus threat I could be bringing into the home. They're just the really bad days though.

But on the whole I've been trying to stay positive, and work has been a real plus point for my slightly fragile mental health.


Going into work each day with others that are in the same position as you really helps, you all discuss what's going on, find solutions to anxieties that are bothering you, and you do what you can to alleviate pressures for each other.

We've come together to ease workloads, chipped in extra time after work hours to make the next day more bearable and gone above and beyond to help those who need it the most. We've supported others as much as they've supported us, and it's that solidarity that makes you feel positive, and needed, and like the job you're doing is worthwhile.

My friends and family have told me that they're proud of the work I'm doing, cheered me on for not crumbling under the pressure and my mum has text me such cute things that I neared cried making a brew the other day. That's why I keep going.


Community goes somewhat hand in hand with support, and, for the most part, the community surrounding the area I work in has been incredible. We've all had our fair share of horrible telephone conversations with negativity and threats (all of which we don't need on an average Tuesday, let alone in the middle of one of the most stressful times of most of our lifetimes), but the majority of customers, colleagues and local businesses have all been incredible with lifting each other up and bringing a smile to everyones face. 

Random acts of kindness is a term I've been hearing a lot lately, my heart has been warmed by stories of people doing numerous things - both big and small - to help those in their community in any way possible. It made me think of ways I can give back to others; I've donated money to a few writers and creatives Ko-fi accounts, it may just be the price of a coffee but it's something to make them smile when they receive a donation e-mail, I'm working on a little secret for a few friends and family, and I've been donating to charities where I can, because what use is buying a new pair of shoes when I can be helping someone I care about instead? (And if I can buy the shoes too, well that's a neat little bonus for me to indulge in)

We've had wonderful customers calling us to thank us for all of our hard work in assisting them at this time (and all year round), sending well wishes, dropping in home made food and boxes of biscuits to tuck into when we find 5 minutes to makes a cup of tea. 

The lovely team at The Great British Tea Break (Thoroughly-Good Cakes) baked us biscuits and Dominos have provided the team with free pizzas as a thank you for our services, both of which have boosted us all immensely this week, these little things really have made a huge difference to us all.


Jacket - ZARA //  Skirt - Topshop (Old)  //  Top - New Look  //  Shoes - New Look  // Earrings - Topshop (Old)  //  Bag - Primark


Mostly, work has kept me very busy. From my part time job of 3 days a week, the current situation has been so demanding for us all that I've taken on an extra two days - it's been hard work, I've been emotional and weepy and kind of felt like I hit rock bottom a few days ago, but it's fine, I'm feeling better now - but it's still been better for my mental health than if I were sat at home day after day. I know how that feels, last summer was horrific and I really don't need a repeat of that thank you very much. I'm grateful that I still have a job to go to each day, one that keeps my mind occupied (even if the topic of Covid 19 does crop up eight times an hour) and allows me to feel useful in a time where it's easy to not feel that way.

Honestly, a few weeks ago I was so anxious at the thought of working through this, I was desperate to pack in my job, crawl under a rock for a few months, drown myself in gin and tea and hope for the best. But now I know what it's like. It's making me stronger as a person, it's teaching me that I'm more capable than I give myself credit for, and that's one important lesson I've learned. That and some people are immensely moronic in the event of a global pandemic smh.

How are you all keeping positive and motivated? Are you currently working or are you off work right now?

S xo

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  1. I feel like having a routine always seems to help, and people thanking you for your job probably doesn't hurt!

    I was looking forward to sitting work out for a while, but once they reversed their decision to furlough people, I've realized I should be thankful I still have a job in an industry that's going to be facing the repercussions of this for years.

    1. Definitely, I find those things are what are keeping me together too.

      That's so true, it's times like these where you just feel grateful more than anything. I'm glad things are still going well for you despite it all, I definitely thought of your job when all of this started. It's such a scary time.

  2. Hello! The minute I saw you'd posted about this I jumped onto my laptop. Wasn't wanting to squint at my phone trying to read your post.
    I could reply to all the points you've made - but i'd be here all day *even though god knows I have the time!!* But the one main point I want to make is... I'm so bloody proud of you and the rest of our pharmacy family!!
    I love how the tone of this blog was so positive, even the most awful of circumstances. And I loved hearing about the community pulling together. I can't wait for all this to be over and to give you and everyone a big hug (even if my bump gets in the way!!)
    Message me anytime if you want to talk x

    1. Oh Amy, you little dreamboat! We miss you so much but we're glad you're home and keeping safe.

      Thank you so much! I'm definitely trying to focus on the positives because I've been feeling down a lot lately, people pulling together really helps!

      I'm so desperate to give you a big hug and I can't wait to cuddle the little one when they make an entrance.

      Same to you poppet, keep safe xo


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