Sunday 3 May 2020


Happy Sunday ya little sugarplums! I'm happy to announce that I've had a far more upbeat and positive week this week, so I'm counting that as one of life's major wins. The weather has turned miserable and for that I'm half deflated (I miss the sunshine in the mornings and evenings so much) and half thrilled (it's deterring customers from pestering us in the shop and I don't feel like I'm missing much not being able to enjoy it). And there's a bank holiday looming next Friday so I'm thinking about all of the endless possibilities for the day (which will likely crumble and wither away with each passing day, but optimism, remember that feeling Sam).

A few weeks back, when shopping was still a thing, I bought a long sleeved smock dress from Primark that I fell in love with immediately and proceeded to spend numerous hours thinking of different ways to style it. I might have only chosen three, but I could have paired it with just about anything. For £15, it's the ultimate Spring/Summer steal.


Dress - Primark //  Boots - Primark  //  Bag - Topshop

These boots are another Primark special! I spied them in the sale after itching for a chunky pair of boots for quite some time, and as soon as I saw them I thought of pairing it with this dress. It was only when I left the store, I saw that's exactly the way it had been styled on the runway and on the mannequins in the shop window. Great minds, eh? These boots also look amazing with everything.

My new Topshop studded bag was originally one my mum bought -  she fell in love with it, I encouraged her to buy it - and then when we returned home she realised it really wasn't her so I saved it at the last hour before it was returned (no, literally, I decided about an hour before she took it back to the store).



Dress - Primark  //  Shoes - New Look  //  Socks - Marks & Spencer  //  Bag - Topshop

I'm usually the most anti-socks/sandals combo person you could ever wish to meet (even the term makes my skin crawl and blood boil), however there's something about these little stripy socks that I love with these fine strap mules - maybe it's because it's more discreet with the white-on-white or the fact you can't see my toes that really need a good pedicure.

Pairing this dress with a chunky Western belt is sort of a dare for me, a bit of gamble if you will, simply because A) I'm big chested and B) it's already gathered on across the chest, I wasn't sure how I felt about it to begin with but, as long as the belt stay high enough, it cinches the waist in to make the dress appear a more flattering silhouette on my body shape.

And a black basket rope bag is just a must.



Dress - Primark  //  Shoes - Topshop (Old)  //  Bag - Topshop (Old)

This is my 'throw on for the beach or a pop to the shops' sorta deal. The rope bag was my staple last summer and I'm of the belief that it will be this year too, and these shoes pretty much never leave my feet during the summer. 

You really can pair smock dress with anything; sleeveless jackets, denim, chunky boots, dainty sandals, tights, bare legs, - the combinations are endless. Keep up with my Instagram this summer to see how else I style it.

S xo

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