Sunday 5 April 2020


After spying a deal on O2 a few days ago for Disney+, I caved into the strong urge of signing up and started on their 7-day trial. Boy oh boy, there goes what little free time I already have.

Disney is lethal to me, I'm sure the majority of my generation were raised on Disney films and television, both new and old, but I've always been had an affinity for the tales, animation and characters. Back when I was about three-years old I was obsessed with The Lion King, I watched the VHS three times a day and carried my Simba teddy everywhere (by the tail) which I fondly nicknamed Simmie (and I still have a lot of Simba plush toys around the house that I can't part with).

Despite only having Disney+ for forty-eight hours, I'm hooked and I'm definitely taking out a subscription come next Friday. I've got a lot of my childhood to renew, the whole MCU to re-watch for the gazillionth time, and finally get further than the first Star Wars film.

However, for all my interest in learning new things, absorbing a wealth of information to someday be able to slip into a conversation to make me appear smarter than I am, I'll admit, I found it really bizarre when I first heard that National Geographic was to be found on the streaming service and initially wrote it off because I wasn't interested - I'm sorry, uninterested in learning, Samantha? Please don't judge me and my moments of idiocy. The first thing I watched after starting my Disney+ trial was watch a Nat Geo documentary and let's just say, I'm extremely pleased to watch a whole lot more of it.

Shortly I'm gonna share my to-watch list with you all with all of my not-yet-seen Disney+ picks, but for now I'm leaving y'all with a list of things I've just watched and loved, and classics that I'm itching to rewatch for the first time in about ten years (okay, maybe ten months).


The Lizzie McGuire Movie
If you didn't love Lizzie McGuire as a kid, then first of all you're wrong, second, you really missed out. Following Lizzie's adventures in Rome with her classmates, she sneaks away and falls into a world of glitz, glamour and deceit, imitates the famous Italian pop star  Isabella Parigi based on her uncanny resemblance and must decide whether to believe her best friend's findings, or a boy she just met. This film never gets old!

Freaky Friday (2003)
We all know the premise of Freaky Friday, don't we? I remember being obsessed with this when it was first released, I had the most obnoxious crush on Chad Michael Murray (my recent re-watch of One Tree Hill confirmed that I still have it) and I wanted to be Lindsay Lohan (I grew out of that). Her character is cool, edgy and in a pop-punk band with her best friends, it's like it was written for me to fall in love with when I was 10.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and this were my favourite go-to films when I was around 10/11, maybe it was the common feature of Lindsay Lohan, maybe it was the I-wanna-be-like-her element that I looked up to, or maybe it's because they're all bangers of a film and this one may actually be my favourite of the three? Sneaking out to see your favourite, meeting your idol and getting a happy ever after with your best guy friend? It's peak teenage fantasy - and marvellous.

Hannah Montana The Movie
Don't get me started, we've all seen this. Honestly, I love it a whole lot. Hannah Montana, Miley Stewart, returning home find herself and a cute boy, what more could we want from this ultimate Disney cheese-fest? A killer soundtrack, that's what, and luckily it's what we got. Hoedown Throwdown, anybody?

The Last Song
Sap-fest, that's the only way to describe this. I'm sure I've not seen this film without crying, and I've seen it a good number of times. It's a Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth film based on the Nicholas Sparks book of the same name and I urge to watch it right. now. Try not to fall in love with Greg Kinnear though, I dare you.

The Princess Diaries & The Princess Diaries 2

These films are going down in history with the best of the best, I've watched them both countless times and they just never get old. I'm very partial to Chris Pine, so of course I love the second film, but the first one has got to be one of my favourite Disney films ever. Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi, you go girl!

Disney Classics / Pixar / New
Watch. Them. All. Of course I have my select favourites, everyone does, but really you must watch as many as possible because they're called classics for a reason.

But my top, top, picks are; The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, The Aristocats, Tangled, The Lady & the Tramp, Oliver & Company, The Princess & the Frog, Ratatouille, UP and Toy Story.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
I may already have the majority of the MCU films on DVD in the movie phase boxsets, but they're still a major reason why I want Disney+, no messing around with my discs of players, just everything available at home and on-the-go. I adore the MCU and so should you!


That's So Raven / Lizzie McGuire / The Suite Life of Zach & Cody / Hannah Montana
It feels like I was raised on these even though I didn't watch them until I was about 12-ish, but they never fail to entertain and amuse me and they're definitely light-hearted, binge-worthy shows that you can't help getting invested in.

Agent Carter
If you know me then you'll know just how much I love the MCU, Peggy Carter, and most importantly, Hayley Atwell. This bad-ass feisty woman got her own show where she whipped the men into shape, worked for the SRR and showed that she's far more than just Steve Rogers' love interest. Why this was only commissioned for two series is beyond me.


Expedition Mars Spirit & Opportunity
I love documentaries, have done for as long as I can remember, there's so much to learn about the world, and so much fascination in the worlds beyond our own. So the moment I spotted this Nat Geo documentary on NASA's Mars missions with the Spirit & Opportunity rovers, I knew it had to be my first must-watch on Disney+ and I watched it about twenty minutes after signing up. It's utterly fascinating, the work that goes into the missions and launching the rockets and rovers onto the surface of Mars is - quite literally - out of this world.

Mars Inside SpaceX
Initially skeptical in regards to SpaceX - maybe it's the media, maybe it's what I've read about Elon Musk over the years - I wasn't sure whether I was going to enjoy this as much as the NASA one, but it's about Mars so I knew I needed to give it a chance, and kudos to me for dismissing it because it was incredible. Centred around the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket in 2018, it shows the work behind the scenes, the past failures that resulted in nearly ending this particular mission, and potentially SpaceX in general, and the down-to-the-wire adjustments that nearly grinds the launch to a holt. Constant states of emotion; OH MY GOD IT'S GONNA FAIL, I CAN'T WATCH THIS and I CAN'T STOP CRYING.

Mission to the Sun
I haven't had chance to finish this after starting it this morning, but the first half I've seen was so fascinating that I'm suddenly really interested in the sun and the fact that the edges of the sun are hotter than the center nucleus, HOW?! I wasn't expecting to be as interested in this as I was about the other two, but it's definitely surpassed my expectations.

What are your current faves on Disney+? Have you subscribed or are you not really interested enough?

S xo

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