Sunday 22 March 2020


Live music has been one of the most major elements of my life for the past 13 years or so, but if you’ve already read this post then you’ll know all about that. However, as the years have passed by, and I’ve (mostly) passed through my emo dress sense phase (although I’m still very partial to band shirts and skinny jeans on certain days), I’ve often wondered how I can be a little more chic for gigs whilst not sticking out like a sore thumb. I’m all for being individual, but I also don’t like looking like I don’t belong in certain circles - don’t side eye me just because I’m not dressed like you, I’ve been going to gigs longer than you’ve been alive thank you very much to the twelve year old trying to fight me at the barrier.

 Preparing for The Maine’s UK leg of The Mirror tour in February, I was left debating what the heck to wear. Not only was there a sort-of-home-show in Manchester, there were also the Leeds and London shows I was attending, which meant packing outfits which could be versatile enough to wear to a gig, on a long train home, and also to be able to brave our cold and stormy British weather in, therefore I had a lot to decide on.

Be warned; mirror selfies galore because what better way to share my gig style than with those on the road - on my own snaps?

In Leeds I knew I was waiting back at the venue after the show to see the band, and with a twenty minute walk from the hotel to the university, I wanted to be prepared for the harsh Feb cold. I stuffed my coat in a tote bag to be handed into the cloakroom and went into the gig like this (although the blazer was wrapped around waist before the show even started). I opted for a high neck short sleeved print tee, a black denim skirt, and longline checked blazer with a pair of tights and chelsea boots. 

This felt really comfortable, warm enough and I felt a bit of a chic queen. It's a simple outfit to throw together but I felt neat and I look like I actually tried!

Okay, so I didn't actually wear this to a show but I definitely would even though I never wear band shirts to gigs anymore - I'd make an exception for this one! I wore this to travel home after Leeds but the straight leg denim jeans, chunky pink trainers, and blazer really brought out a more feminine side to the usually typical rock gig outfit. And long dangly earrings - always a must for me.
My fave look from tour (one that I wore for about 4 days running in various combinations) because one of the guys from the band commented on my look and said he was getting "style inspiration" from me. That's good enough for me. He was very partial to the boots too, cheers Adam!

I live for double denim so I paired my straight leg jeans with a longline denim jacket, tucked in a plain white tee and zipped up my cuban heel statement boots that are also standing concert appropriate. And again, major head banging statement earrings.
Am I over playing these earrings yet? I think not.

I've worn this skirt and sleeveless black high neck top to so many gigs but it's still super cute and ridiculously comfortable for a night of dancing and singing.

As my final show was in London, and of course I was waiting back again, I stuck my coat in my bag again, and rolled one of my statement Collusion jumpers at the bottom of my tote for after the show to keep me warm. I wasn't too warm in the gig, but I was warm enough for the few hours outside and travelling back to the hotel.

Styling myself to every gig always feels like a nightmare, trust me I get it, but the more I play around with clothes, the easier it becomes. The hard part is the waiting/travelling around the shows that still makes me scratch my head with a solid and sensible plan, but we've got this!

S xo
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