Sunday 23 February 2020


Various shades of green and knit jumpers are my ultimate go-to in this stormy, rainy and godawful weather we're having right now. The vibrancy of the sweaters are making me feel more lively and starkly contrast with the doom and gloom of the ultra-grey skies (although I swear I saw the actual sun shining for about five minutes a couple of days ago so I think we may be on to a winner here!).

I purchased an eye-popping lime green jumper from Collusion a couple of months back, very unsure if it would ever see the light of day or just remain a beacon in the back of my wardrobe for the rest of time (or until ample enough time had passed that I could justify popping it up on eBay), but thankfully from it's first outing back in November, I've worn it numerous times since. 

So after a cheeky ASOS purchase last week that left me feeling very deflated about this Warehouse dress, I pulled this green Collusion jumper out of the bag after the other one fit me so comfortably and was the perfect go-to on my clothes rails. It turns out, I do need two of the same jumpers in different shades of green, who knew?

Amidst trying to plan my outfits for the coming week - yes, I forgot how hard it was to plan your packing for a music tour when you've got three cities in five days - I've been racking my brain for new ways to reinvent or reimagine ways of styling what's already in my wardrobe. A few days ago, I threw on a t-shirt and jeans for a day in the house of writing and planning and instantly felt miserable about how I looked, it felt so plain and boring. Now usually that's my instant fallback outfit when I can't find anything to wear, or when I'm not planning to leave the house, but I honestly hated it. I ran back upstairs to swap my t-shirt for a jumper, stuck a colourful hair clip in and popped on a little bit of make up, and I felt the bees-knees.

Now if the citrus orange one could please come back into stock then I'll be a very happy camper.
No, that's not a Glee make-up palette you see before you, you have no proof*

*lol jk, I hope this make up doesn't melt my face off with how old it is.

S xo
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