Wednesday 26 November 2014


That time of year has rolled around again, the one where I wonder how I've survived another year and been deemed a year older, my brain hasn't quite got that memo yet. Every year I like to think back on the things I've done, whether it's been a tour I've done multiple shows of, people I've met, places I've visited or just memories I've made.

Last year I celebrated the end of my teens by having 19 tattooed in roman numerals on my arm. This year... I didn't gain any new tattoos despite coming close on more than a few occasions.

To be quite frank, the first year of my twenties was pretty much an emotional rollercoaster. 
This year I have:

- Celebrated the start of my twenties by seeing 5 Seconds of Summer in London
- Been a bridesmaids at my cousins wedding (oh my god when did we all grow up?!)
- Visited my favourite city with my best friend
- Decided on University
- Visited London during London Fashion Week 
- Seen  a concert a Wembley Stadium (oh. my. god.)
- Started working full time
- Seen my favourite band live with my best friend
- Dealt with my favourite band splitting up by going to 7 of their shows on their farewell tour
- Attended my first fashion event
- Had 3 job interviews (my very first ones!)
- Opened and run a fragrance shop
- Started my YouTube channel
- Travelled to various parts of the country
- Been the most sunburnt I have ever been in my life
- Finished my college course with better grades than I could possibly imagined (I was genuinely proud of myself at the end)

And the list goes on.

Tomorrow I turn 21 and it's somewhat scary, part of me feels terribly indifferent. I can't do anything more than I can do right now (other than legally drinking in the US) but it also seems so final, like now is the time to really grow up and be an adult.

I think I'm ready to be an adult, get my life in order, get my weight in order and accomplish things I really want.

Your life can only be achieved by yourself so now it's my time to really start living.

Time to raise a glass of (punk) champagne and celebrate the beginning of a new chapter.

- SB xo
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  1. I loved this Sam! (We need to sort our meeting up day soon pls fankz <3 )

  2. Miss your face! Happy birthday for tomorrow sweetie.

    Jegz xo


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