Monday 1 December 2014


Twenty One, It's hard to believe I'm that age already.

I spent my birthday alongside my mum and my best friend Laura in Manchester, it was quite a quiet night away but still as enjoyable and celebratory as ever. Well minus the fact no bars were open past 11 so we opted for a Sambuca shot at the hotel bar at midnight. I mean, afterall the spirit has my name in it, right?

We had a lovely meal at Nandos and my mum forced me wear my 21 balloon wrapped around my wrist. 
Yes, those are cat ears that I felt silly enough to wear. I felt a little like Taylor Swift. 

I spent Thursday wandering the city, opening my cards and drinking hot chocolate in Costa once my nan arrived and everything felt so relaxed and chilled.
Going into stores like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols always make me feel emotional, seeing designer bags elicits such an insane emotion from me. Moschino was absolutely no exception.
I spent the evening at the Trafford Centre because it's pretty much my favourite shopping centre in England, there's such a wonderful vibe from it and it's so incredibly beautiful. 
I'm a sucker for anything with colour (obviously except for my clothes, I can't shake the monochrome thing), I've always wanted to try macaroons so now I'm mad I didn't do this on my birthday. Don't they look so pretty though? 
My favourite part about having my birthday so near to Christmas is that everywhere you go is covered in decorations everything looks beautiful.

All in all, I had a great birthday. I'll post some pictures in my next blog posts of my gifts I received along with some more outfits.

- SB xo
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  1. Love your cat ears! Happy Belated Birthday as well. Oh and your outfit was beautiful, that black and white coat to die for!!


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