Tuesday 4 August 2015


More and more bloggers seem to be cropping up these days, you can't go on Twitter or Instagram without seeing someone promoting their new post (ahem, me?) so singling one favourite out of thousands of contenders is no easy feat.

If you asked me six months ago, who my favourite blogger was, I'd probably say someone like  Chiara, Danielle of Jules, firm faves of mine since I first started 'style' blogging. However answering that question today, there's no doubt in my mind that my response is Sara Escudero of Collage Vintage.

I remember spotting this Spanish gem on Instagram some months ago, with her consistently hued theme, envious life snaps and wonderful new luxuries, I was instantly hooked. Stupidly I only took the click-leap a couple of months ago and found myself hooked onto her blog even more than her lustful Instagram!

I'm just as obsessed with her casual style as I am with her ultra-chic dressed up gal style. Is there anything Ms Escudero can't rock?!

Sara, you inspire me and give me the passion to push on in the blogging world, muchas gracias!

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SB xo
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