Sunday 19 July 2015


It's official, I'm totally craaaazy over fringing in any shape, form or capacity (even a pair of fringed sunnies would have me swooning. Weird right?)

So maybe I'm not proud of those fringed/tasseled baggy pants I wore back in 2003 (even less so when I recall having at least a page blue and a khaki pair) but now there's no shame in other much-more-exciting-and-totally-not-cringeworthy garments! Like really incredible sandals, jackets or bags.

Fringing has always thrilled me, I still totally dig that faux leather Primark jacket with the fringed back, even if it did end up on eBay after a year, Maybe I love the festival reminiscence it brings, my longing to party on down at Coachella, or maybe because it actually isn't just 'perfect for festivals'.

In fact last year I couldn't resist the fringed Topshop x Kate Moss LBD and totally rocked it for my 21st birthday. It's exciting and fun, everything I hope to achieve with fashion.
Please excuse me whilst I scour the end of the sales for some bargain fringe buys. Here's to funky fashion,

If you're looking for some inspiration on stylings, check out my Fringe Pinterest board here and how I would style it myself here.

SB xo
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