Tuesday 1 September 2015


As you are all probably more than aware by now, my favourite things are fashion, blogging, baking and Instagram and I have longed to find another human who then all of the above as much as I. As soon as I clapped eyes on Liv's Instagram, I knew I'd found my match, the girl who brought my dreams to life.

If you're not familiar with Liv's name then maybe her blog, What Olivia Didis more recognisable to you.

Clad in breton stripes, Charlotte Olympia kitty pumps and oversized hats, there's little to no reason not to be hopelessly in love with the adorable blogger. 

There's no denying that Olivia was born in the completely wrong era, I can almost hear the sixties calling for her and trying to claim her as their own, but lucky for us, we get to experience her old (and new) style in the 21st century.

She brings true femininity to life whilst not being afraid to explore different avenues of fashion, and that's what makes every young fash-blogger heavily swoon as they scroll through her blog and Instagram alike.

Don't wait anymore time on my ramblings, and heavy Team Liv love, take a look at her impeccable style for yourself.

My current dream? Definitely exploring London with this divine beauty and taking note of some of her ultimate photography tips, she's too ruddy brilliant!

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SB xo
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