Thursday 2 July 2015


Visiting Paris without venturing to see the Eiffel Tower is pretty much a sin in my book, actually it's a sin in anyone's book. Why not see the incredible landmark before your very eyes if given the opportunity?

There's nothing like seeing the iron latticework illuminated through the trees as you round the corner down Champ de Mars, it's incredible. I will never deny the fact I cried upon my first sighting of the tower. It shouldn't be as beautiful and mesmerising as it is, but there's just this emotion it evokes.

Seriously, how breathtaking is the tower at night?! With the lights twinkling and the light beam over the whole of Paris, it's cool to weep into the River Seine, right? The mother and I made the decision to return on Monday to journey to the top. Bear in mind, we're both totally terrified of heights but we all have a secret mental bucket list and it was definitely at the top of mine. There are things in life that you just have to experience, and seeing those views of Paris is something not to be missed.

There's something so incredible about wandering around the area when the weather is so beautiful and the sun is high.

Unfortunately (or maybe it was a blessing in disguise) the very of top of the tower has been closed off that day so we bought our tickets to the second level and off we went up those many tiring stairs. When I say tiring, I mean tiring. Major. Dead. Legs. Note: it's not for the faint hearted.
If you're ever debating taking that trip up there, I would one million percent recommend it. It's only €8 for an adult to the second floor by stairs which is brilliant when it's such a world famous landmark. However, if your legs aren't too strong and steady or are petrified of heights, you'll probably benefit much more from the cable car/elevator to lead you up.
The views are out of this world, I can't even describe it. A picture is worth a thousand words so you're best to have a nosey at at few (of the many) I took.

Have you taken to the tower steps and revelled in the beauty of the city, felt the wind in your hair? 
What are your thoughts on my pictures of inside the tower? It's an interesting perspective because it's not something you can see from the outside, you don't know whats up there without pictures or your own visit.

SB xo
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  1. Oh wow Paris looks so beautiful! I've been to France many times, but never to Paris! I'd love to go though. Gorgeous photos x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

    1. You must go when you have the chance, it's without a doubt my favourite place in the world. xo

  2. Great perspective - I've only seen the Eiffel Tower in pictures shown as a landmark but never up close and personal like you did in your photos. thanks for sharing! I can't wait to go someday :)

    1. My pleasure, thank you for reading! You'll absolutely love it when you do go :) xo


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