Thursday 20 August 2015


It's no secret that the Chloé Drew bag has been fashion's most coveted bag of 2015 (and beyond for those lucky souls who snatched the chance last year) and if I'm going to be honest, I've still not stopped crying and swooning over it ever since I laid my peepers on it. (Maybe honesty isn't my strongest trait but I'm still swooning)

All it takes is a trip to Sara or Julesblog and I'm sent back into an endless spiralling pit of scroll-pin-scroll-pin-scroll-pin on every picture of Chloé's finest bag. Ever.
Chloé Drew Bag is fashion's most coveted bag of 2015
But whilst I believe in 'if you love it, save up and buy it' even I can't part with over £1K for a bag when university is at the top of the priorities list. Although pawing at the window of Chloé in Chelsea and refraining from touching the Drew in Selfridges was not helping my resistence one iota.

Alas, it seems the world and his wife (children, dog and fish too) have designed their own Chloé Drew dupe to calm our erratic hearts and how can we possibly resist when they're cheap as chips? (A really expensive portion anyway) I definitely left the NEXT sale beaming and clutching a cute black one.

I've compiled a little dupe segment below so you can shop your fave style without having to search for it yourself (most places sold out straight away so I haven't got many left to share, sorry!). I can be generous when I want, right?

Accessorize (1 | 2 | 3)  //  Florence Leather Collection (1)  //  Forever New (1 | 2)

If you're looking for some inspiration on how to style this bag check below. Further images can be found on my Chloé Drew Pinterest board. Yes, every feature now tends to have it's own board, neat huh? It's called being cohesive.

Have you found any brilliant dupes you can share? Do you adore this bag as much as I do or do you think it's too hyped up? Please leave your comments below, I'd love to hear from you.

SB xo
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  1. Lucky me, because all this bag gets from me is '...meh'. :D Not saying it's ugly, it just doesn't float my boat. And in cases like these where the shape (or color) isn't exactly a real classic one, what happens when it goes out of style and you're left with that £1K in a closet? I guess one could just mind their own business and wear it forever... or sell it? But it's still "out of fashion"...


    1. I definitely see where you're coming from Lucija, whilst I know personally that it's something I would us for years to come, with such a hefty price tag it doesn't seem practical or realistic.

      Sam xo


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