Tuesday 7 April 2015


Months ago, images of Jamie Chung were forever popping up on Tumblr, I had no clue who she as but I craved her wardrobe and to look as effortlessly incredible as she always does. To be fair, it wasn't until recently that I realised she was an actress, I was convinced she was a full time blogger because she dressed so beautifully.

Not only is Jamie an actress, unbelievably beautiful and engaged to Bryan Greenberg, she's also one of the most stylish women on the planet. That is a fact.

It's hard to find words and phrases I haven't already used on my previous trendsetters but the I feel that the pictures I've shared of her style are worth a thousand words.

I admire her ability to think outside the box with her fashion whilst remaining cool, elegant and so well put together. There aren't many who manage this successfully. 

Besides this girl seems to love monochrome as much as me. Just another reason to adore her.

Her footwear also captivates me, not only does she wear the sorts I lust after, she also wears things similar to myself. It's exciting to be able to identify with someone's style and to take elements of their ensembles to inspire yourself. 

If I'm ever stuck in future, I'm definitely turning to Jamie Chung for some ultimate fashion inspo!

Tweet me pictures of your favourite outfit of Jamie's!

SB xo
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