Monday 6 April 2015


Last week I took an impromptu trip to London for the weekend after my nan's friend was unable to go. To be honest, I thought the 3am wake up call would kill me after a long week of work. 
Can you believe it took 8 hours to get to London by coach?! I think I'll stick to my trains from now on.
After a 20 minute walk, and some major help from Google Maps, we arrived at the Picadilly Theatre to see the matinee performance of Jersey Boys. I won't lie, I've been itching to see this for ages, but with a musical list as long as my arm, I hadn't yet found time to see it. Who was I to turn down a free trip to London with a show trip thrown in? 

There's only one way to describe the show: incredible.
It doesn't matter whether you're seventeen or seventy, this show is not to be missed. I even found myself singing along to some of The Four Season's hits!
It left you with so many emotions but most importantly it left it's audience with beaming smiles, the reaction anyone should leave a theatre with. Even the cast seemed stunned by it's phenomenal audience response.

I'm already mentally planning another trip to see it, hopefully this time with my best friend in tow.
As this was a coach tours trip, we stayed in a hotel in Kent, about an hour from London. It was hard going being restricted to time limits, especially being stuck in traffic on a coach of mostly pensioners but again, it was FREE!

The hotel was nice in a seventies decor kind of way, but it was comfortable and a brief stop so not a whole lot to complain about.
Let's be honest, I longed to stay here.

On the Sunday we had a few hours to mooch around Covent Garden and I stumbled across this small group. There were so talented and entertaining that I was simply mesmerised. I'd love to find out their name! I must re-watch my videos of them and perhaps cobble something together to share with you guys.

I adore Covent Garden but isn't it a drag when it's pouring with rain and blowing a gale? I had to literally refrain from stepping into Dior, Chanel & Burberry and purchasing self pity items.
With half an hour until bus call, my nan protested walking any further so she parked herself into a comfy Costa seat with a pot of tea and I wandered off with my Nikon to snap the local Aldwych area.
I hadn't realised the whole area was so close nit with Covent Garden, Theatreland, Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square! I stumbled across the back of Somerset House and was stunned I hadn't noticed that entrance before.
I'm still so mesmerised by the area and the buildings, I could just stand and stare for hours on end.
Fashion Week nostalgia hit me full force. Bring on September!

The Lyceum is such a special theatre to me because I saw my first staged musical there and it was of my favourite childhood film (The Lion King). I'm itching to relive that emotion and experience.

All in all, the trip was worth it simply just to see Jersey Boys!

I cannot wait for my next short London break in May.

What shows have you seen? What are you really eager to see?
I'm in such a musical (and Aaron Tveit [oops]) mood!

SB xo
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  1. For some reason it cut me off - but I adore your photos of London


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