Sunday 22 March 2015


For someone who runs their own blog, I'm quite terrible at catching up with others, unless it's on my lunch break. Although I do love to sit in bed with a cup of tea at the weekend and scour the net (and Instagram) for some inspiration, and recently I've been reading certain blogs more than ever.

As a blogger it's important to support your fellow bloggers and to keep positive especially at times when the community seems to be quite negative.

I'll admit, some of these bloggers are quite known but they've given me real inspiration lately and I'm looking forward to creating a bigger and better blog thanks to these lovely ladies.

(Please note that I'll be doing a more friend bloggers post soon)
First up is the divine Megan Ellaby of Pages By Megan, I first stumbled across this northern blogger/ASOS stylist when I was flicking through the pages of Company (RIP) last year. That night I featured her as my Trendsetter Tuesday and I've been obsessed ever since. Her page is simplistic yet appealing and I'm frantically refreshing her page every day to see if there is anything new to read.

I also adore Megan's Instagram accounts and I'm constantly influenced by her style and even influenced to buy some items I see her sporting. Oops?

I won't lie, Megan is definitely my fave style blogger. You go girl!

Check her blog out here.

I found Carrie Harwood's blog last year although as I'm rubbish it was only the past few weeks that I've been visiting her blog much more frequently. Did you see her posts about her latest trip to Norway? Mega jealousy alert.

Her blog design is so pretty and fresh and her trips make me excited.

Check Carrie's blog out for fashion, beauty and travel.

Charlotte Fisher first popped to my attention on Instagram a year ago, I was transfixed with her pastel obsession, her pretty footwear and how colourful her IG account was. As soon as I visited her blog, I was so glad to find the consistency matched and it was a website form of her glossy phone app timeline. 

Anyone who wears as much pink as Charlotte does is a winner for me. See her gorgeous style here.
Discovering Olivia Purvis' blog during my GBBO obsession last year was both the worst and best thing to ever happen to me. So maybe I was constantly itching to bake and take pretty pictures in front of colourful doors in London. Alas neither were feasible at the time so I lived vicariously through her.

But I'm a sucker for beautiful and girly blogs, cute outfits and lots of baked goods! Her style is divine, breton stripes on hand and adorable Charlotte Olympia flats that have you captivated and swooning. If that has sold Liv's blog for you then you must have a nosey here.
Yanin Namasonthi is seriously one of my ultimate fave bloggers, there's no question about it. I first stated following her on Tumblr a couple of years back, along with Instagram and she's the coolest and loveliest girl. I totally had a mini fangirl when she followed me on Tumblr. I didn't just say that.

Her love for tattoos, black and leather is stronger than my love for them (definitely itching for more tattoos now) and it's so exciting to find someone I can look up to that dresses how I do. It's strong and bold, not girly, and suits my own style. 

If you're dark, daring and hella cool, take a look at Yanin's blog here.
Last, but certainly not least, is Amy Spencer of The Little Magpie. Her style is fun, a bit Alexa Chung-ish and seriously how I'd like to dress. Also, food features quite a bit on her blog and let's be honest, when is that not a great thing?

The more I scroll the more I swoon. Can I please live inside Amy's blog? You can attempt to here.

I'd love to hear what your favourite blogs are! Drop me a comment below or a tweet me with links and names, I'm always itching to find new blogs.

SB xo
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