Sunday 12 July 2020


Following on from my last post, this week I'm talking positivity and looking forward to the future (post-lockdown), the positives are really what are getting me through each day and I'm sure it's the same for many others too. I hate to say this is going to me another me me me post, but hopefully you too will be able to get something good from this and help you to start jotting down the highs in your life and what you're most looking forward to do again or even for the first time!


As I stated the other week, I'm missing theatre and live music like you wouldn't believe, but this week I booked three concerts for next April (yes, of course they're all for the same band) and that's given me a boost already. The bands last few shows supposed to be their final-final-never-to-tour-again shows (although I knew that was a load of nonsense even at the time), so the news of a UK tour next year was a major oh my god moment, and knowing that's a roadtrip I get to look forward to, is amazing!


I've been putting this off for nearly ten years because I've been terrified at the thought of me behind the wheel, I'm not whether it's more the idea of me driving or the worry of other motorists, but I've been very hesitant about taking that step. With teenage me, a crummy wage and university all out of the way, I feel I may be finally ready to take the leap - it's at least a skill I want to possess so watch this space. Beep-beep motherflippers.


October is set to be a fun one - we hope! Providing everything goes to plan (and I'm so hoping it does for everyone involved), the first weekend of the month I'm off to Birmingham for my first Supernatural convention which I'm crazy excited for but a tad worried how the social distance is going to go and how awkward are photo ops going to be if you can't get near them? That's a stress for another day

And the following weekend it's the wedding of a family friend which I'm equally as excited about - new outfits, a weekend stay in Lancaster and a wonderful occasion - I've not been to a wedding since my cousin's in 2015 where I was a bridesmaid so it'll be marvellous to see.


If I ever need a reminder to take a step back to smile, it's remembering what I already have, such as (to name but a few);

- Good health
- A roof over my head
- My family & friends
- Money in the bank
- A stable job
- Food in the cupboards

It might seem like they're things we take for granted, but these are the foundations to a good and happy life, anything above this is a luxury, so count your own wins in life, no matter how big of small.

Jacket - Topshop (similar) //  Jeans - Topshop (Old)  //  Top - Topshop (Old)  //  Shoes - Primark

Reflecting on the positives, after a not too mentally great week, has really perked me up and I highly recommend you all taking a few moments to do the same. Keep smiling.

S xo

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