Tuesday 30 June 2020


The most recent announcement for the easing of lockdown has scared me somewhat, I won’t lie. Come August 1st, most things will be pretty much back to normal - but isn’t normal what lead to this culture shock in the first place? Isn’t that the reason our planet is also rapidly being destroyed? Are we not learning anything? But no, a lowering of the death toll means it's back to business and re-building the economy.

But instead of being bogged down by this, I’m planning to go about my life as I have been the past few months - albeit easier for me because lockdown has only mean being extra cautious on the hygiene front, an increase (and then reduction) of work hours, and being more hermit-like than usual - so I can afford a few more months like that. 

I shan’t be dashing to a restaurant as soon as they open, my beloved cinema trips are being put on the back burner for a while longer, and socially distanced garden hangouts have become a new favourite of mine. The post-Covid19 ‘new-normal’ is something I’m totally fine with embracing and only makes me more grateful for what I had prior to the pandemic, and affords me the luxury of learning what I won’t be taking for granted once the world resumes more ‘normality’.


As I said, I won’t be first in line or making early reservations as soon as I can get a catch a glimpse of an empty table at a restaurant, but I’ve realised just much I miss having the opportunity to say sod it and dine out for an evening instead of having to cook at home. A nice home-cooked meal as my favourite pub in town is high on my to-do list! 


My energy levels and motivation is at rock bottom right now, and has been for a few months, so taking my laptop and a notebook into a cafe for a spot of writing, is something that I’m definitely going to do more of once I’m able to do so. Sitting at home, typing this on a make shift desk - on an empty bookcase shelf - isn’t really my idea of ‘getting into the zone’, but hey, we have to take what we can get in times of need. 


In the space of 13 weeks, I’ve hugged my mum once (earlier this week!) and that’s been one of the hardest things. When there’s been shitty days at work where I’ve felt miserable, emotional re-runs of Long Lost Family on Quest Red or times when I’ve just needed a hug, it’s been hard to not be able to just let my mum scoop me up for a bit of reassurance and love. As such a tactile person, keeping so distant from my friends and family has been super difficult, in fact I cried the other week when my nan wouldn’t take no for an answer and squished me tightly. 


In all honesty, I’ve not missed shopping one iota, I’m not a fan of traipsing around shops or eye rolling at other shopping who won’t budge out of the way - however I’ve missed not being able to have a good root around supermarkets and charity shops. I definitely won’t take browsing because I can for granted! 


I’m someone who loves taking myself off for the day, and I especially love my holidays (don’t we all?) so being cooped up at home or at work has been a major hardship. Just the thought of hopping onto a bus or a train without fear or panic sounds heavenly, just to pop to Liverpool or Manchester, or god forbid London, sounds like music to my ears. I may brave Liverpool over the next couple of weeks but even that is giving me major anxiety. 


This is a pretty major one; I love my own company, being around lots of people mostly frustrates me and stresses me out, however having the opportunity to be around large groups is something I'm missing a lot. Of course I miss entertainment and attending something live, but also going to a bar, meeting friends, socialising with other people is something I didn't expect to long for now I can't do it. Other human interaction is probably the biggest thing I've taken for granted my whole life, but something none of us should.

Times are strange, we all seem to want to do everything yet nothing at the moment, we all want a form of normality, but not necessarily the normal we once had. But let's focus on the positives and try to remain as happy as we can. I made these wee bracelets (seen above) so I can wear one each day to keep me smiling and to remind myself everything is (relatively) okay and to be happy.

What things are you missing? What have you realised you rely heavily on, and usually take for granted, that you won't do in the future? What are you feeling grateful for?

S xo

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