Sunday 1 April 2018


I'm back with the first recap of 2018 and it's been a fun (and pretty stressful) 3 months to start the year with. Let's forget the uni panic that started the year off, it was precisely 385684 kinds of stress and I'm ready to never revisit that module ever again.

But education aside, the year has been pretty good to me so far and I'm SO excited to see what the rest of the year will bring. Time to make all the plans!


You know me and my addictive personality, right? Well I naturally had to head back to see The Ferryman again in January to see the (then) current cast's final performance. My aim this time was to snap up a front row ticket for just £12, and after leaving Cardiff at 4am, I arrived in London in time to grab one! It was one long and emotional day that I was so lucky to spend with some of my Twitter gals. Oh, and hi again, Fra!


Last year, the film I was hopelessly in love with was, Dunkirk. This year it has to be The Greatest Showman, because hot damn. The plan for Lou and I this year was to head to the cinema everything Wednesday to fill the Peaky Blinders void, only it hasn't not worked out quite as well as we had hoped. Still, we've seen this 4 times so I'd say we've done pretty decent.


STILL. NOT. OVER. THIS. I harped on enough about this in my BAFTA's post from a few weeks back, so you can read all about it here.

Aside from that, the weekend started with a couple of days in the city with my mama, a cancelled concert and a nosey around the shops.

I'd like more weekends featuring all of the above, thanks.


How in the name of sweet moses have I made it to March without seeing a gig? In fact, how had I not been to one since last November?

It's likely that we all had those albums we turned to during our teens, ones that we used to have on repeat for months on end, that we know inside out and All Time Low's debut album So Wrong, It's Right was one of mine. So seeing them live on this tour was a no brainer when they announced they would be supporting themselves by playing this album in full for it's 10th(!) anniversary! It's definitely one of those shows that I won't be forgetting in a hurry.


It's been a long 4 and a half years since my last 30 Seconds to Mars show and boy oh boy have things changed? Cardiff was a halfway decent show, or so I thought, until the Manchester show which blew the night before out of the water! It's not 2008-old-school 30STM, but it was still amazing to hear some songs I thought would be buried in the past. Now to see exactly where their new direction is heading...


When isn't George Ezra's general existence a highlight of anyone's life? Seeing him this week was just incredible, especially because my mama finally saw him for the first time too, oh and his dad came on stage to congratulate him for his latest album hitting #1! There's those artists that you watch grow over the years, and you feel so proud of seeing them achieve such wonderful things, and George is top of my list. If you haven't listened to Staying At Tamara's yet, firstly WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? and secondly, GO LISTEN NOW!

S xo
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