Sunday 4 March 2018


In high school, I took virtually every opportunity to not partake in PE, or any kind of exercise for that matter. As I've got older I'm in the mindset of "I'll just go easy on the biscuits and hope that makes me lose some weight", I'll get back to you if I see any results on that one.

So, running frantically from Leicester Square to Golden Square at 10am on a Sunday basically means I should be certified. It's a five minute walk, but with an outrageous amount of people running as soon as BAFTA tweeted out their wristband collection location, it was a case of run or you'll miss out. So run we did. And then we all complained about it for the next 3 hours.
Looks like unfit me did alright though because we snapped up wristbands and found a barrier spot a few hours later, even though it meant the 8 of us had to split into 2 groups and be at opposite end of the barrier for the next 5+ hours. Sorry ladies, I missed you.

There's something so surreal about standing behind the barriers in front of a red carpet full of signs for the BAFTA's, I wasn't even attending yet it was still a pinch me moment with presenters stopping by to film network segments and making us comically cheer because we were all too jovial for a cold Sunday afternoon.
As lame as it sounds, and trust me I understand just how much, I was crazy excited about seeing a bunch of my fave bloggers walking the carpet. I think Jess may have just caught me snapping Ellie snapping her. 
The biggest pinch me moment of the day was meeting these 2 babes (aside from Julie Walters !!!), it's no secret at this point how much of a loser I am for the film Dunkirk and it's cast, so this was the major highlight of the day. And it may have been the main reason I planned the trip (even though they hadn't confirmed their attendance).

Apologies to the girls for the ridiculous amount of crying that followed the Jack selfies. Never. Over. It. But I'm still trying to keep my cool about that.

What made everything so special was the ladies I was with, we've only known each other for a few months via Twitter, yet it was like we'd known each other all our lives. I think I can speak on behalf of us all when I say that we all can't thank everyone, involved in Dunkirk, enough for the friendships the film has given us. Who'd have thought a WW2 based Christopher Nolan film would have impacted us all so much?

I feel that there's so much I stuff I could babble on about from this day, but I don't even know where to start, I can only describe the day as one big crazy, exhilarating, emotional blur. And I can't wait to do it again.
My resolution for 2018 was to enjoy myself more, make plans to actually do things, attend red carpet events (obviously just as a punter) and meet as many people as I can. I'd say so far so good, eh?

Now, who's coming to the BAFTA TV Awards with me?
S xo
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