Thursday 8 February 2018


I've spent the past 20 minutes scrolling through Instagram (for the countless time the past few weeks)  and I'm fed up. Like really down in the dumps.

Now I know what you're thinking, I didn't come here for you to moan again Sam, shut up love, but I'm cheesed off with myself. So many of my faves are absolutely slaying the Insta-game (despite the fact the app has gone to the dogs with its algorithms and everyone is on the verge of quitting) and I can't help but feel like an outsider watching in, because all my creativity seems to have evaporated.

And for someone wanting a career in the fashion industry? Well yeah, losing creativity is scary.

Not only am I struggling to find ways to create content for social media, or anything even remotely  interesting, but editing the damn images has virtually stopped me from posting altogether and every time I scroll through my feed, I have this urge to delete everything and start fresh.

Chatting in class the other day proved that I'm not the only one down on the whole creativity front. We'd been putting it down to the fact it was January, we were uninspired, tired, not feeling ready for the second half of the whirlwind second year to start. But we're in February, what's our excuse now?

Truth is; I have no idea. And that's the worst part because I have no clue how to rectify it.

However, in desperate times like these, I find myself snatching this book back off my bookshelf, sitting on my bed with a cuppa and devouring this vv aesthetically appealing book on the world of Instagram.

If you don't have it/haven't seen, firstly; where have you been? I feel like everyone in the fashion game has this book and rightly so, it's amazing.

Aimee Song of Song of Style fame released Capture Your Style in 2016 as the go-to guide for showcasing your style, and life, on Instagram. And I've been hooked on it ever since I received it.

It's the perfect companion to pull you out of a slump, because you basically want to create incredible content like Aimee and have the most enviable feed of all.

First stop Instagram, next stop this damn blog. (It needs a major overhaul!)

So if you're feeling like me, give this baby a whirl and please share your thoughts below if you're feeling the same or how you've managed to pull yourself out of a creative slump!

S xo
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