Monday 15 January 2018


Happy 2018! I feel a bit sick that we've hit this year already, but onwards and upwards and all that jazz.

I'm finally here with the last instalment of my 2017 highlights, and hasn't that been a damn task to keep on top of? (Samantha, it's 4 posts a year, get a GRIP)

The last 3 months really topped the year off and I can't believe it was all so wonderful.
A tear or two were definitely shed at the stroke of midnight, to the sounds of Big Ben chiming and after a few (too many) drinks.


After 8 long months of being desperate to see The Ferryman, I finally headed down to the Gielgud Theatre in London to catch the last performance of the complete original catch (minus Tom Glynn-Carney, sob sob). Despite the nosebleed seats (yes I'm talking virtually on the ceiling), it was as incredible as I'd hoped it would e and lived up to all the hype.

And meeting Fra Fee, Laura Donnelly & Paddy Considine? Well that was the cherry on top.


I'm not sure how many of you caught the 6-part BBC drama The Last Post (if you haven't, I suggest rectifying that pronto) but it was all kinds of brilliant and that soundtrack was on repeat on Spotify for weeks. I entered a little competition just before the show ended and miraculously won it (again!) gaining a vinyl of the soundtrack by Solomon Grey and winning 2 tickets to see the band at a show of my choice. Pretty neat huh?


What's my year without seeing a Little Mix show or three? Well this time I only managed just the one, but it was on Halloween so that's kinda cool, right? They were PHENOMENAL as usual. When do I get to join a girl band?


This trip was a dream come true. After visiting Paris in 2011 over my mum's birthday, I vowed one day that I'd spend my birthday there, in m favourite city. Well, 6 years on, my mum made that a reality and it was all kinds of chilled and wonderful.

Honestly, five days of wandering Paree was what I need amidst a really rough uni module and a major creativity block. Plus, finally getting to wander the grounds of Versailles was a dream come true. Thanks to my mama for giving me the push to go. I'll never forget that experience.
(If you're interested in a post then let me know, I'm itching to talk about it!)

2018 has already been off to a (relatively) good start and with everything I also ready have planned,
I'M SO EXCITED. But let's be honest, it has a lot to live up to.

S xo
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