Sunday 8 February 2015


I always seem to be a step behind, every damn time/ My intention was to post this last sunday but silly me didn't get my act together before I left for Cardiff so I couldn't hit post whilst on that loooooong journey home. To be fair, I had to kick my own butt over the space of 2 days just to finish this month's Trendsetter Tuesday (the Alexa Chung post is here)! Queen of procrastination at it's finest. 
January found me loving so many items, some of them were Christmas presents, some where sale items and some I simply couldn't resist! 
I love love love matte balm/lip crayons, matte lip colours suit me so much more than anything shiny or glossy, so I couldn't help myself from trying these two colours out when Boots had a Revlon offer (3 for 2 is still on!). Whilst I love orange nowadays, and my mum wears orange lippy a lot, I didn't actually have one so it was a definite when selecting colours and that pink is gorgeous! Very much like 'Back in the Game' by Topshop only a little lighter and prettier. These colours are 'Audacious' and 'Showy'.
This Burt's Bees lip balm is my a staple of mine, I apply it so much because my lips dry out quite often but it's worked wonders! It's not the cheapest but when bought as part of a £5.99 tin gift set then it works out peanuts.
My 'My Face Is Worth How Much?' post is literally me raving about these Real Techniques brushes, they're incredible and affordable when bought online. I use them everyday as well as this Rimmel Stay Matte powder! It's a great finish to set my make up and I'd be lost without these three now.
How have I gone 21 years without this product?! It smells delicious and I feel lush when I wear it. Might as well just walk around the house in my underwear and apply this lotion to every bit of available skin. Maybe not.
I really needn't say anything about this book, I'm pretty sure it's all been said in this review but I read it this month and it was incredible.
All hail Taylor Swift. The past month I've played this album non-stop, I'm pretty sure the rest of the year will follow suit too. This time last year I was in the same position with Little Mix's 'Salute' which is one of my all time favourites and I know this album will be the soundtrack of my 21st year. 
As if the album isn't incredible enough, how cute are these glossy polaroid snaps?! I just need to decide where to display them now.
Heaven in boot form. Absolute heaven aren't they? I first fell in love when these were full price at £80-something and Megan was sporting them with absolutely everything, I had boot envy. When I found them for £44 in the ASOS sale, I bit my tongue and bought them. They suit nearly every outfit, jeans, dresses, skirts, everything and I'm so excited to finally do a new outfit post with these babies.
I'm still in shock when I look at my iPad and I know it's mine. After years of refraining, I treated myself with some of my birthday money in the sales and bought this iPad Mini 2 32GB for £279! Kind of a bargain considering it was reduced by £120.

What things have you been loving so far this year?

SB xo
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  1. Oh my goodness those boots are to die for!! I am now on the search for a similar pair. I also love the RT brushes, I bought them the there day and I am in love! Girl Boss is on my list of things to get as well :) Your polaroids look gorgeous! You should deffo display them in your room :)

    Love Sarah xxx

    1. Right?! I had a check on their website and found they were only left in a size 8 :(
      I literally can't live without my RT brushes now, I'm glad you feel the same!
      Definitely purchase #GIRLBOSS, it's seriously changes your views on things.

      Thank you Sarah! :)

      Sam xxx

  2. RT brushes are a god send! Particularly the buffing one, it's my favourite :) Those boots are hot misses!!! Looking forward to seeing how you style them up xxx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. Gosh, agreed Hannah. I don't have the buffing one yet, I purchased the set of 5 eye brushes yesterday but I'm going to debate a few more sets and brushes :)
      I'm in love with them haha, I wore them today but didn't get chance to take pictures so I'll try to do some over the next few weeks.

      Sam xxx

  3. those boots are beaut, would love it if they were still available! I've seen lots of people raving about Girl Boss and I really need to get myself it but i'm going to buy the Sali Hughes one first I think

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I'm so gutted they aren't available in all sizes anymore, sorry!

      Ooh I've heard good things about the Sali Hughes book, try because they're books are a fair bit cheaper than everywhere too :)

      Sam xxx


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