Sunday 28 September 2014


Buildings have always fascinated me, I have a strong architectural appreciation so you can imagine my joy when I viewed Somerset House in person. I'm not sure whether the fashion or the building thrilled me more. Whilst taking in my surroundings, I believe I said to my mum 'I really don't have enough eyes to take all of this in!'

Awe much?
As soon as I stepped out of the elevator I was greeted with the list of goings-on in the area, it felt so weird but new and exciting.
The most surreal thing was seeing the LFW signs in person, even if the 'L' was broken. Oops.

How gorgeous are these bags?!
These robes are so so beautiful and these girls looked spot on.
Look at these buildings! 

I think I want to live in this outfit forever.

It was so beautiful seeing so many different outfits and arrangements. I left feeling so inspired and determined to be attending shows myself next year. The whole set up was simply amazing, I'm just mad that I didn't photograph many people!

Who is up for a London trip next LFW?! 
(Seriously, anyone is welcome to join me for a little LDN fashion mini break :) )

Also, shout out to my awesome mum for taking my outfit snaps and for accompanying me on this trip.

Stay amazing xox
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  1. I'm so determined to attend shows next year at the LFW as well! It looked so gorgeous!! xx


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