Tuesday 20 May 2014


Jesy Nelson is famous for being one quarter of Brit girl group Little Mix as well as being an inspiration to girls all over the globe, myself included, for her weight troubles which she has conquered and looks as flawless as ever. This week seemed fitting to feature an LM member as the first of my three shows from their tour takes place in Liverpool on Friday! (excited!) 

Whilst Jesy is a very obvious choice for me, I'm sure you've seen one half of the band being featured in previous weeks, I feel she's a very important choice as she's different, edgy and a very rocky option. My own style has changed a lot from my early to mid-teens but if Jesy had been in the public eye when I was that age and wearing those outfits, then she would have been very inspiring to a teenager rocker. I would have killed to have worn outfits like she does.

It helps to identify with her style when I once aspired to wear ensembles like that, especially looking the way she does.

Her own style has flipped 180 since the start of Little Mix, she's almost unrecognisable. Once clad in leggings and UGG boots, now sporting leather hotpants and, what most of us describe as, goth boots.

Maybe I'm biased when it comes to Jesy, but when she looks so gorgeous in the most edgy and rocky way as she does, who can blame me?

You can catch Little Mix on tour in the UK this month and their latest single 'Salute' is available on iTunes now!

Stay amazing xox
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