Tuesday 13 May 2014


It's hard to believe that Blake Lively is only 26 years old, not because of her appearance, but simply because of how many years it seems she has been shown on television and the silver screen.

Once dubbed as Karl Lagerfeld's muse (although, at this point, who hasn't been?), this starlet is now the face of Gucci whilst her husband fronts a Hugo Boss campaign. 

Since the get go, Blake has been branded a style icon, even back when she was 17/18 and staring in teen movie The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. With her elegant ensembles and classy poses, girls and guys alike simply swoon over this blonde bombshell.

Blake Lively excels in everything, especially her acting and her wardrobe. 

Besides, what is Gossip Girl without Serena Van Der Woodsen and her mixed bag closet?

Stay amazing xox
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  1. She's such a babe, I love her!

    Jegz xo http://jegz-loves-tea.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. I love Blake Lively! She always manages to look amazing. Even if I don't like something she's wearing she looks good in it. She can pull of everything!


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