Sunday 11 May 2014


With Spring officially here, I'm lusting over everything, and everything, that represents the seasons warm and happy vibes. I've always been fond of Zara, ever since the first time I stepped into the store, but this season's collection is simply beautiful.

I don't recall a time where I was overly fond of the colour yellow, but now I can't stop gawping as how classic is looks in something simple like a lemon coat or a oversized clutch bag.

1. This white 'Stressed But Well Dressed' embossed clutch bag had me swooning back in February when I saw a picture floating it's way around Tumblr. After searching high and low, I was out of luck until I stumbled across it on their website whilst looking for the yellow one (see #2)! At £19.99, it's hard to resist. So don't.
 (Buy) (Bought!)

2. Similar concept to #1, this vivacious yet toned down yellow clutch can completely reinvent your outfit during the Spring/Summer months. The 'HAVE FUN' wording is always a nice reminder on those boring days too.  (Buy) (Bought!)

3. This season, this dress is on of Zara most sought after piece. With it's Kenzo Fall/Winter 2013 eye print, high neck and full back zip, it's not hard to see why everyone is eyeing up this dress with utter lust. (My puns are atrocious, I apologise.) (Currently Sold Out)

4. During summer, you mostly cannot survive wearing a midi skirt without feel too warm and uncomfortable. However, this cut work skirt is effect, with its square cut repetition and mini underskirt lining, you'll be feeling fresh whilst still keeping on trend with an ultra stylish midi skirt. (Currently Sold Out)

5. Pale blue jeans are my personal faves for summer, living in England it's rare to have an extended period of kind and warm weather, but that does not mean we need to dress for winter. These distressed, pale slim fit jeans are perfect for those cooler summer days and look perfect with ... well anything really. Jeans are a staple piece and for those cooler (climate) countries, these are a must. (Buy)

6. With warmer weather, comes an expanse of shorts, hotpants, knee-length, bermuda, denim, jean etc. High-waisted shorts are the greatest invention ever, however. Throwing on white high waisted shorts and a bralet, crop top or a plain t-shirt is effortless without looking like you threw an outfit on in 2 minutes. Not only are they practical, but if you're someone like me who carries a little extra weight around your middle, then they're perfect for giving you additional support and flattening you.

7. These bags have been a lust of mine for months (why I haven't bought one yet is still a mystery to me). First of all, do not be put off by the image, they are a lot bigger and roomier in person. In two swoon worthy shades of pink and blue, they simply are a must if you're looking for that deep pastel coloured everyday bag. (Buy)

8. Pale, Pastel, Yellow. You beautiful, wonderful colour that I overlooked my whole life. (I'm bitter, like a lemon. I'm sorry) My love for pastel coats is ever growing (unlike my collection which stands at zero), and this coats is another to add to my long, tiresome, and expensive list. Perfect for the still chilled air of-mid Spring, whilst still appearing ready to embrace the colourful side of this somewhat in-between weather. And the design/style is simply divine. (Buy)

9. (Buy) I'm a sucker for cut out boots and these are no exception!

10. Oh. My. Days. I'm the first to admit my extensive love for the colour pink, but these stunning high heeled, pointed Mary-Jane-esque shoes literally make me want to sob over their perfection. Hopelessly trying to persuade myself why I shouldn't buy them. (Buy)

11. See point 9. (I also adore white shoes, these are a must!) (Buy)

12. Once upon a time, I thought mules were the ugliest shoe I had ever seen (aside from Crocs obviously) and the mere sight of them made me cringe. This is absolutely no longer the case thanks to these high heeled, peep toed, sleek mules. Whilst they are a pair of shoes that I could see myself wearing quite a lot, it does't stop my want. (Buy)

What items do you have your sights on at the moment?

Stay amazing xox

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  1. I'm in love with those Zara clutches at the moment. I'm absolutely gutted that I did not see them when I went to Zara the other day.

    Beautiful blog :) *following*



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