Tuesday, 18 February 2014


If you're confused by this week's TT, then look no further than UK's MTV. This Irish beauty is known for her hosting abilities (and for being Niall Horan's female BFF) on MTV and Backstage at the BRITS (Brit Awards, watch ITV2 on 19/02 at 10pm to see her in action!).

This past year has seen me really take note of Laura (I've always known her face and name but now I literally adore her) and now I may have a small style!crush on her.

Take a look at some of her superb outfits that I simply can't get enough of!
[Picture 1] As you know, I'm a monochrome addict. So this outfits is right up my street. The outfit is from Very.co.uk and was featured in Very's magazine. Isn't it flawless?
[Picture 1] I love how rocky and edgy this outfit is for One Direction's film premier, it's really kind of awesome, isn't it?
[Picture 2] That Ragged Priest mixed tartan jacket is stunning and she wears it so effortlessly. I want.
My overall favourite outfit that Laura has worn (that I've managed to find anyway) is this set above. She pulls it off so effortlessly. This Gerard Darel suit is classy and elegant but can be turned slightly edgier in the way Laura has styled it. Simply gorgeous.

What do you think of Laura's style?

Stay amazing xox

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