Sunday 16 February 2014


If I can thank Tumblr for anything, obviously I'm thankful for followers and for helping me bring an audience to this blog, but mostly I'm thankful for the friends I have gained from the website. On Saturday I took a trip to Manchester to meet up with my local Tumblr girls Olivia and Ellie which was wonderful and nice to spend some time with people who share my interests. 

After a cheeky Nandos lunch and a Millie's Cookie's 'Cookie Shake', we took to the Arndale and the soggy streets of Manchester for some serious shopping time. I actually didn't purchase quite as much as I anticipated over a range of stores, I just happened to buy a lot from Primark. I'm embracing this store once again. 

Take a look at the items I bought yesterday.
I swooned as soon a I spotted this cute little shorts suit in this months issue of Company magazine and couldn't resist seeking it out in Primark. Sadly the shorts are in no way flattering on me
Bomber Jacket - £15 - Primark
Shorts - £10 - Primark
I love basic tees and this baby pink quilted top is so comfortable and neat without looking too casual. Perfect for sunny weather like the blue skies that graced today. 
Quilted tee - £6 - Primark
I'm totally enjoying pink clothing right now (I love pink anyway) and I was drawn to this sweater a few weeks back but stupidly didn't purchase it. But here it is! It's a fine knit sweater with Beverly Hills emblazoned in navy blue thread. It completely redefines a simple outfit. I also recommend sizing down.
Sweater - £12 - Primark
As soon as my eyes landed on this tee, I was hit with Alexander Wang S/S14 flashbacks with the PA logo and swapped material chunks, it was a steal of a dupe.
Licensed Tee - £7 - Primark
Primark finally brought out a pair of these and I couldn't be happier! Black and White are the two shades they stock and are unbelieveable in price! Grab these before they sell out!
Sandals - £14 - Primark
Sadly my Forever 21 round glasses found themselves a little scratched mid autumn, after the store had sold out and I couldn't be happier that Primark are now selling them!
 Sunglasses - £3 - Primark
I adore LUSH but I can never seem to bring myself to part with my money in there. I couldn't resist a cute bath bomb to fizz my way through bathing.
Bath bomb - £2.50 - LUSH
Since I was a child I've been obsessed with stationery and writing pads, after buying the matching notebook to this one the other week (the edge of the pages are patterned) I had to buy this one. Plus some cute postcards, the Paris one for myself and the other to cheer up some of my mums friends.
Notebook - £3.50 - Paperchase
Postcards - 60p each - Paperchase

I call that pretty successful! How has your weekend been? Any interesting purchases?

Stay amazing xox
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  1. Love everything you bought!! Was just wondering where that notebook is from? :) x
    I did a Valentine's Day post :p you can check it out at

  2. After seeing all the beautiful things you bought in Primark I'm definitely going there asap! x

  3. Absolutely love the bomber jacket/shorts combo and white sandals from Primark! I desperately wish there were Primark shops in the states-such great prices! :)


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