Wednesday 23 March 2022


Loves and interests come and go in life, you're madly obsessed one minute and the next you're over it. To say that's how I expected to be about the colour green would be accurate, yet here I am 2 years down the line with a wardrobe heavily injected with various shades, jewellery boxes filled to the brim and online shopping baskets screaming 'just one more green jumper won't hurt you!' (I think four is enough though, don't you?). Did I mention I'm typing this out with green sparkly nails?

It's a colour I've never particularly taken much of an interest in beyond our kitchen being lime green, however as dusky shades and sages started appearing just about everywhere, I couldn't resist jumping on the bandwagon, incorporating green candles into my grey and pink bedroom colour scheme, the odd cushion I bought for the time I finally move out (that didn't go well because I stuck it on my bed as soon as I got home and immediately decided I wanted this new colour in my room no matter whether it matched or not) and then the clothes had the colour shot and suddenly I was consumed with green. Just call me Elphaba.

Just the other week I placed an ASOS order and didn't quite realise the common theme in my shopping bag until it was all delivered - suddenly I found the colour obsession had increased somewhat to two skirts, a blazer, a cardigan and a pair of sunglasses. Oops?

Please indulge me whilst I show you how I'd style some of my fave green items of clothing. And of course - it definitely involves an outfit with a pink pop because hello? fave colour combo on the planet.



Jacket - Only - £55  //  Skirt - ASOS - £28  //  Shirt - Stradivarius - £17.99  //  Boots - ASOS - £55



Mesh Shirt - ASOS - £55  //  Skirt - ASOS - £38  //  Crop top - Public Desire - £4.45  //  Boots - ASOS - £55   //  Sunglasses - ASOS - £12



Blazer - Stradivarius - £39.99  //  Skirt - ASOS - £38  //  Cardigan - Urban Revivo - £4.45  //  Boots - ASOS - £55

What look is your fave and what colour are you going crazy for right now?

S xo

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