Sunday 11 September 2022


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I've let it be known over the years just how partial I am to Pinterest, it's my first port of call when trying to seek out some inspiring imagery, blog post ideas, how to style myself on days where I'm really struggling; it's a receptacle of endless ideas. 

If there's certain boards of mine that are heavily populated and updated almost daily (although I've definitely been a bit lax on that front in the past couple of months), it's my styling boards - Street Style, Point & Shoot Style and Style - I can't get enough of building up a monstrous digital moodboard to keep my mind and ideas fresh.

On the days where I'm looking at my wardrobe and seeing a black hole of nothingness (even on the new purchases that I swore I'd get plenty of wear out of), I open up Pinterest and start seeking out pins that have common items that I have sat waiting for me wear. Picking out key things helps me narrow my field of vision and suddenly I'm looking at outfits thinking - that's really cute, if I piece X item and X item together, I can vaguely recreate something that makes me feel like they look. Why didn't I think of that? - and hey presto, you're onto a winner.

Currently I'm wondering what staple seasonal items I want to spice my wardrobe up with, so of course I head back to Pinterest to find styles, colours, bold items that I can start looking for online and in stores to curate a selection that I'm excited to start showcasing on social media and generally IRL. *Please note, I wrote this months ago with the intention of posting in the SS season, only guess who forgot? But the sentiment remains the same and I'm sticking with this in the FW season too!*


Okay okay, so basically I'm obsessed with any shade of green with just about any other bold colour. Green's the new black anyway, right? Whether you're colour blocking blue pants and a yellow blazer, or you're throwing on a bright red jumper and a mini hot pink grab bag, you're onto a 2022 winner.

Leonie Hanne is the queen of colour blocking and in-your-face colour combos!


A bold, statement jacket, or coat, is quite literally the key to my heart! It livens up any outfit, adds excitement and drama, my olive green vinyl trench coat is one of my most worn items and makes me feel the literal bees knees. Whether it's bright in colour, loud in print, or a funky texture, it's an investment staple piece that you'd throw on time and time again.


If there's one thing to spice up any outfit - like an all black ensemble - it's a bold statement bag. Grab bag, tote, handbag, crossbody, clutch - you name it, if it's bejewelled, borg, quilted, heavy chained or ruched and in an eye-catching colour, you're onto a winner! 

S xo

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