Wednesday 16 March 2022


'ello 'ello 'ello! Blimey, I know I'm partial to taking impromptu breaks from posting, but eight months takes the cake a bit, doesn't it? 

I can't say I feel well rested, motivated, 'I'm in the most creative phase of my life', but I've missed rambling on on the blog and focusing on content creating quite a lot, so your girl is making another comeback. I've had more comebacks than Westlife, Take That and every other 90's pop band combined. That's just my style.

For my wild and magical return, I'm turning to one of my favourite apps of the moment, the one you can't turn on the telly without seeing an ad for (I'm actually sick of seeing it), I'm sure you guessed it - Vinted. I should be ashamed of the amount of time I spend on there either listing unwanted items or searching for something new (at least it's mostly stopped me searching for football shirts on Depop - for now).

At present I have just under 200 things listed on there - madness, I know - but after successfully sticking to a goal last year of losing at least a stone in weight, a lot of my clothes no longer fit me so I now need to get rid of them. After being a somewhat begrudging eBay seller for the past 10+ years, listing everything I own on Facebook Marketplace, not doing too great on Depop (someone tell me what I'm doing wrong), as soon as I heard about Vinted I tried my hand at listing on there too. I have to admit, the lack of seller fees is vv appealing and I love knowing I get back the full amount I listed it for.

But sadly, whilst I sold a tonne leading up to Christmas, my actual clothes don't appear to be selling as I hoped, so in an attempt to make them look more appealing, I've styled a few outfits out of just a small selection of items I'm selling to show you how you could style them straight from my Vinted wardrobe! It was so fun to do - and made me a little sad to part with some of these items even though they really don't fit me anymore - and made me view my current wardrobe differently (I'm even going to build a photoboard of everything in my wardrobe for the days I'm feeling uninspired).

Scroll through below to see items for sale, prices and sizes - there's a mix of new and used pieces!

At time of publishing this post, all of these items are still available for sale.


Jacket - H&M - Size 14 - £16  //  Trousers - H&M - Size 12 - £14  //  Sandals - H&M - Size 5 - £12 (SOLD OUT)


Jumper - Nutmeg - Size 16 - £10  //  Culottes - F&F - Size 12 - £12


Dress - Topshop - Size 14 - £16  //  Top - H&M - Size M - £5 


Jumper - Topshop - Size 12 - £10  //  Blouse - M&S - Size 14 - £14  //  Trousers - Next - Size 10R - £10

You can shop all of the looks on my Vinted!

S xo

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