Thursday 4 March 2021


It's funny how in 2020 I started the year thinking, "this is going to be my year", it was the first new year following my graduation, I was going to start another serious job hunt, and the positivity was evident in me to start fresh.... and then Covid-19 happened and it put a whole kibosh on that. And although it was a year where I felt I'd hit rock bottom, I wanted 2021 to be different, to not let the virus determine this year to be a write off and another blip year to add to our timeline.

The year so far has been a strange one, I've felt no different and tried to kickstart myself, and it's happening in drips and drabs, but everything still feels a little bleak - but maybe that's just the weather. So I started to look at the positives and what changes I can make to ensure this is a better year on a personal level, and although there's a few I need to work on in regards to work and moving out etc, these are a few things I plan to focus on.


If there's one thing I've become scarily reliant on as my boredom go-to, it's my phone. I've been intending to cut down on my screen time for so long but then like an automatic reaction, I pick it up again and start aimlessly scrolling or playing too much Toon Blast and Bubble Pop. In order to switch off for a break, or when going to sleep (especially then), I need to take myself away from phone. My laptop doesn't see quite as much use as it used to, but my TV is something I also need to start stepping away from because that's definitely my other go-to when boredom strikes, or when I'm lacking motivation.


Last year I had a great spell where I was walking a lot more than usual, I went out for walks early in the morning, or after the sun had set in the evening, but when late Autumn/early Winter hit, I felt less inclined to be outside and more keen on staying in the warmth. However, there's nothing I love more than fresh air and clearing my head during a long, brisk walk. So the fact I don't do it anywhere near as often as I should, is baffling, but I'd love to get outside at least on my days off each week, and if I have time on the odd evening after work? Well that's even better!


My poor skin has been struggling for the best part of the last three years (not to mention the fact that I've always had issues with spots even post-teen years) with a skin complaint that even my doctor is baffled by, but whilst I keep continuing on with medication and waiting for a dermatology appointment, I know I need to do what I can to work on my skin via the products I use and what I drink/eat. and whilst I'm being more cautious with my dietary consumption, it will hopefully help me when factoring in weight loss and healthy eating. Good for my body and skin? Count me in. On top of that, I also desperately want to work harder on beauty aspects, regular hair styling, eyebrow grooming, nail appointments etc, because these are the things that truly make me feel better about myself and 2021 is the year I will learn to love myself.


I'm such a terrible stress head, I worry about the littlest things, which leads to less sleep, worse eating habits, skin breakouts and general poor mental health. I need to learn to take a step back and let more things wash over me, there's no use crying over spilt milk, that's the saying so maybe it's time to take that on board. I'm all for making life easier and perhaps I really do finally need to learn to stop that time limit/milestone absurdity from circulating in my brain, because instead of being a motivator, it's become a burden that lessens my progress and motivation. Bye Felicia, be gone.

Are there any personal changes you're making to help make this year a little better for you?

S xo

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