Sunday 8 November 2020


Autumn this year is something I’m actually quite enjoying, I’m not usually one for cold, drab and rainy weather, but with my birthday and Christmas being the only good things to look forward to, I’m Team Autumn this year. Cosy nights in with blankets, great central heating (I’ve never been so grateful for a new boiler), endless glasses of wine, slow cooker meals and probably more films than I know what to do with - sounds heavenly.

I might be struggling with my style during this time of year, 2020 fashion seems to be an uphill struggle for me anyway, so maybe I’ll spend the next 2 months wearing pj’s and oversized hoodies and bury my head in the sand (or puddles) until January - that’s what a style blogger does in times of need, right? But in all honesty, I really am struggling so I’m taking my style cues from Instagram, Pinterest and a few bloggers here and there to try to keep my spirits high and my inspiration and creative receptors well fed. Just because it’s autumn, it doesn’t mean it need to be all cream, beige and brown all day every day though does it? In fact, I'm still heavily into a multitude of shades of green, chunky black boots and a plethora of skirts in varied lengths - throw in a variety of coloured jackets and thats my Autumn uniform sorted.

My autumnal inspiration can definitely be found amongst the moodboard below.

Shop some of my current favourite items below!

What are your favourite autumn style/home decor/cosy trends that are keeping you going through the last portion of 2020?

S xo

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