Thursday 17 October 2019


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Sunday has flown back around again but I’m kinda smug because being on a beach in Spain means no work for another week and no Sunday night blues. Next Sunday will be a completely different story.

Despite how utterly miserable the British weather has declined into, I’m still reaching for this jacket at every available opportunity - being soaked through be damned. The other week I threw it on with my fave NASA shirt (which took me about 6 months to figure out how to style because it looked wrong with just about everything) and a pair of jeans that I’ve been debating selling for the better part of the past year. Funny how things work out and suddenly the items shoved at the back of your wardrobe become your favourite outfit.

The t-shirt makes this feel so comfortable paired with the jeans, but styled with my old faithful orange mules and a swish (sorry suddenly I’m a seventy year old woman with that term) handbag, I feel like the queen of casual chic. Did I take that too far? And to top it all off, these Primark hair clips are gonna be stuck in my hair for the next few weeks because they're just the cutest.

I also really want to mention the fact that my mum is marvellous and started taking my outfit photos out and about for me, I’m really looking forward to scouting new locations in my town for where I can shoot next.

Join me again on Sunday for the third styling.

Jacket - H&M  //  Jeans - Topshop (Old)  //  Top - Tee and Cake  //  Shoes - Topshop (Old)  // Hair clips - Primark

S xo
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