Sunday 28 October 2018


Entering the third year of university means there's a lot of studying to be done, countless hours spent in the library (I've been there on Saturday's and Sunday's and I hardly recognise myself), that's not to mention a dissertation that ain't gonna write itself.

What's got me through the first month and half is a tonne of playlists and soundtracks that are the ultimate key to blocking out everything around me; incessant talking, noise, distractions, everything. They've been a lifesaver and ridiculously motivating too.

If you're in need of some chilled out mixes for studying, relaxing, zoning out, anything that requires a calming soundtrack, I've got you covered.

(Be warned, most of these are my Spotify playlists because I can't. stop. making. them. Seriously, I think it's a problem or an addition)

If you're into The 1975, Gallant, Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Jessie Ware, then look no further than this playlist. This was my go-to playlist last year and I'm sure you'll find something new on there to love.

The title says it all really. It's full of instrumental tracks from movie soundtracks, television shows and the likes of Jóhann Jóhannsson. You're not going to tire of this one, I'm sure. Just try not to drift off!

I listen to The Martian soundtrack almost daily, and definitely during classes where I need to get my head down and crack on with some work. It's a gorgeous collection of songs with a cool vibe to them and I'm hopelessly obsessed! The downside is that every single time I listen to it I wanna crack open the DVD and watch it again. Oh, that reminds me...

Did anyone else go through the 8tracks phase of making playlists and listening to tonnes of new stuff before we all had Spotify and Apple Music accounts? I have very fond memories of Autumn '14 where I used to play autumnal 8tracks playlists all day in the shop I was working in. Well my marvellous friend Kat made this utterly nostalgic playlist crammed with the likes of Hozier, The Paper Kites, George Ezra, Ben Howard, Dermot Kennedy and The Neighbourhood. It's heaven, warmth and a cup of coffee in music form.

I'm not sure if any of you caught The Last Post on BBC One last year (if you didn't then really missed out and you need to get onto it asap!) but the soundtrack is one of my favourites. Again, it has this whole vibe to it that I just can't explain and I can't wait until I get a record player so I can finally listen to my vinyl.

What do you love listening to when you need to switch off from the outside world and do something productive? (I'm always on the hunt for more playlists and new music!)

S xo

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