Friday 10 February 2017


 Since starting university in September, free time has felt relatively sparse (save for a few evenings or weekends when I've had a super productive week) which is why my little blog has fallen by the wayside since August (aside from my new wave of travel posts).

So why not share with you some of the work that has kept me away from you all?

Our most recent project, in Fashion Promotion, was to create 4 magazine covers for publications of our choice based on our research of their readership, which sounds relatively easy until a tonne of artistic techniques are thrown your way. Suddenly your head is reeling with a million and one ideas that seems way too out of reach for a six-week module.

I have mixed reviews with my final pieces, things I would change if I could, components I'd add etc, however overall I'm pretty impressed with what I produced.
Besides, who doesn't love Harry Styles with Gucci print hair?

Now that semester is over, I'm busy busy busy with the newest project that has the quickest turnaround, so who knows when you'll next see me?

Has anyone else recently started their second semester? What are you studying?

S xo
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