Sunday 5 February 2017


A few of the most chilling yet reflective moments of my life so far was stood in the area of the World Trade Center. The names etched into the National September 11 Memorial, the roses placed into the grooves, the grey skies and the autumnal trees (rather Winter) all set a sombre tone but standing in such a worldwide known place leaves you swirling with so many emotions. It's dizzying, and somewhat incredible.

It's such a well thought out re-design, with 2 memorials, a museum and even a Westfield shopping centre in the bird-like Transportation Hub. 

If you're passing through the area, I really suggest popping a few dollars in the collection box to contribute to additional remembrance building and ensuring the continuation of the memorial for years to come.

One World Trade Center also has an observatory for you to see the view of the city from the top of the building. If you purchase from their website you can save some cash, who doesn't love that? We didn't do this on our trip but I would definitely consider it next time.
I can't even begin to tell you how many times Laura pointed out locations in Central Park and re-told the scenes from Home Alone 2. Yeah, that was totally a thing. I'm also disappointed that I've only seen that particular sequel once or twice and most areas were completely lost on me. I'm brushing up for next time, promise.

We headed out there during the Thursday afternoon, after travelling back from Lower Manahattan to see the World Trade Center, and when we arrived the sun had appeared and it was absolutely scorching! What I hadn't realised was Central Park is located at the top of Fifth Avenue (hello, shopping central) so it would be a great start/end point before of after splashing your cash.

Central Park Highlights

1. Ice Skating
There are 2 ice skating rinks in the park, north and south, which are open from November to March each year and it looks SO much fun. I'm a complete scaredy cat though, and whilst I ignored my fear of heights in NY, I couldn't quite handle the thought of sliding around on the ice.

2. Architecture
And because I really love architecture, there was some big appreciation for all of the building that surrounded the park.

3. Park Rides
There are cart rides, and also horse rides, around the streets through the park which looked so cute. Be warned though, they're about $3 per minute for a ride. Ouch.

4. Umpire Rock
Find Umpire Rock at the South End of the park and take lots of pictures. It's a perfect location to shoot outfits, or fun ones like what were taken of me (see below).

Central Park is way more gorgeous (and massive) than I expected. If you're heading out in the summer, take a picnic!
NYC got me feeling this happy and the girls had me laughing this much *sassy girl emoji*
Let's be honest, this post was my excuse to show you some snaps of these wonderful places. Next post should definitely be featuring some recommendations and tips.

S xo
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  1. Absolutely love all of your NYC photography, I would love to go - Looks like you had an amazing time!

    Holly | The Kitty Luxe


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