Saturday 2 July 2016


July is finally here, I've been home from my holiday for 6 weeks and I haven't blogged in nearly 7 weeks! Apologies for that, my last few weeks of work have been busy and I'm feeling a little drained right now - but more on that in another post coming soon.

Whilst I feel Turkey is a somewhat fragile subject right now - understandably so - it's such a welcoming place and I really wanted to share some holiday snaps from Marmaris with my internet fraaands.

The weather was mostly beautiful aside from 2 days of torrential rain which left me to watch copious amounts of Versailles on Netflix (ohmigod it's so good and currently airing on BBC 2 right now), however I had some well earned rest in the sun and I'm already wanting another sun filled vacay!

For those of who have followed me for a while will probably recognise this place, this was my third visit to this complex - the second time in 6 months - and Club Turquoise still as wonderful as it was back in 2004. 

Thankfully this time I had my trusty little Olympus Pen to capture my trip, here's the work it did back in May.
I'm totally ready for 11 weeks of rest now before my life gets way craaaazy and I flee this town for Cardiff. So get ready for a summer of blog posts on Alright Sunshine *peace emoji*!

S xo
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