Tuesday, 12 July 2016


For the duration of summer, I'm definitely planning on sharing a new outfit each Tuesday, however choosing something new each week is something a little more difficult than first realised. The reason? I'm now unemployed and money isn't quite as easy to spend when you're living off your savings. Still, time off is definitely rewarding!

This shirt was pushed to the back  of my wardrobe some months ago, after buying a thicker, prettier and crisper shirt from a River Island sale, I decided this was not to be worn unless desperate seeing as it's so paper thin (no thanks). But, after pulling it back out of the closet, I found it super comfortable and looks surprisingly neat with my trusty old Jamie jeans which are virtually sewn onto my legs. Sorry not sorry.

I'm a sucker for sales, in fact most of my clothes are purchased at a reduced price (although that's totally not good for a future fashion student, time to bite the bullet and buy this season) and these shoes are no exception. These Miss Selfridge shoes are comfortable yet totally gorgeous and versatile sandals that I'm now going to wear forever!
Shirt - H&M // Jeans - Topshop // Shoes - Miss Selfridge
I guess it's time to raid the pile to find the next outfit!

S xo
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