Tuesday 17 May 2016


I remember stumbling across Victoria on Twitter and thinking how she was an absolute breath of fresh air in the blogging world, and my timeline. A few months later I sourced the fashionista on Instagram and suddenly there was no turning back from becoming an avid fan of In the Frow.

I adored her ultra feminine style and also how she mixed it with an edgier twist, everything was and still most certainly is sleek. That's definitely the word I would use when talking about ITF.

If I'm to choose one thing to be envious of - and my god choosing one is such a difficulty - it's Victoria Magrath's extensive bag collection, ranging from Chloe & Celine to Anya Hindmarch & Givenchy, it's every girls sartorial dream. Cue the total swoon fest.

I find myself constantly inspired by her outfits, blog and travels as well as her love for Burberry & Cartel, yes we have definitely both bonded over that band on Twitter.

She manages to create content full of elegance and sincerity, her images and blog layout are clean and crisp, her hair & make up are done to perfection and she carries herself with such professionalism.

However, it's also nice to see the more personal side of her on Snapchat, where she's not all made up, she sings along to her favourite songs, and shows her interests whilst giving us peak into her reality. That's what I admire most.

Whilst I definitely prefer blogs that feature more high street than high end fashion - because we totally can't afford that - I like to live out my lavish fantasies through Victoria who has, and continues to work hard to make her name known and to shout louder than a lot of others in her industry. Surely after her success, a girl can treat herself from time to time?

So Victoria, thank you for bringing my girly side back to the surface, I'm excited to explore the new me.

S xo
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