Thursday 12 May 2016


(Photo credit: WhatOliviaDid)

The Monogram trend has to be one of my all time favourites, it may have started with Burberry back in 2014 but my love is still very alive and well in 2016.
It's become a new seasonal tradition for Burberry to offer personalisation on their garments, if Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is wearing a scarf or Cara Delevingne is wearing a cape from the British fashion house, then you'll most definitely see large embroidered RHW or CD somewhere on the item. It may be costly to brand your name on your clothes, but who doesn't want to wear their identity?
(Photo credit: WishWishWish)

Carrie chose the personalised monogram approach on her WishWishHen trip for her bachelorette weekend to Disney. How adorable are these jackets she had made for the girls with their names on them? They're oh so Instagram/Blog-worthy, I can't wait for her DIY post on them!
(Photo credit: WhatOliviaDid)
Not only is it cute and fun to have your name/initials branded on your clothing and accessories, it makes them unique and makes you want to take a billion photos to share with the world and his wife. That's a good a reason as any, right?

Not only do clothes look absolutely super duper with your name embroidered on them, but why stop there? All you need to do is scroll through Instagram and you'll see mugs, cushions, candles, notebooks etc with initials on them, or even blog names. They're my fave accessories!
(Photo credit to Sophie & Olivia)

Are you loving the monogram trend? What items do you own?

I'm off to drink some tea in my S mug.

S xo
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