Sunday 14 February 2016


Choosing a career path leaves you with endless thought, something that can leave you wondering for years, some reaching their 50's still unsure.

But choosing a university is one of the most confusing, stressful, mind-boggling and draining processes we'll encounter in our lives.

When I decided that I wanted to study Fashion Promotion (that was the easy part!), I started to scour university websites for a list that offered this particular course. I think it narrowed down to a mere 5. 
However, as soon as I saw University of South Wales listed as one of the said establishments, I was ecstatic, especially seeing as the campus for the course was based in Cardiff. 

For those of you who have known me since 2009 will know how much the Welsh capital means to me, it's filled with memories, happiness and my longing to be there.

Despite already being offered an unconditional place at Nottingham Trent University, I still had my hopes set high on USW.

On Wednesday I made the 4 and a half hour journey down to the valleys for an interview that had my palms sweating and my heart racing. I was last minute with my portfolio, no surprise there, still sticking in articles and pictures in a coffee shop at 1pm. I definitely don't deal well with interviews, especially not life changing ones, but my interviewer was so nice and told me I'd 'be an asset on the course'! I definitely did not beam and skip down the stairs of the university. Absolutely not. Okay, maybe a little bit.
(How good is my new Olympus Pen for selfies?!)
I took a tour around the accommodation block across the road, went for Chinese food and drank to celebrate a positive interview.

Fast forward 24 hours to the train journey home, I found an 'Offer to study at USW' email awaiting attention. I couldn't believe I'd been notified so soon when interviews were (and still are) in full swing.

It seems my mum is super excited on my behalf (although I know she's all kinds of sad too) and has already started buying me uni gifts! And that ultra hilarious congratulations card up top.

Do I feel awesome right now? Yes. Am I petrified for uni? Quite. Am I excited to study something I'm passionate about in my second home? Well that's an insane understatement.

SB xo
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