Friday 29 January 2016


Hello 2016 and Happy New Year to you lovelies. Is it too late in the month to still say that? - we've already been here 4 weeks.

This year my biggest blog focus is to pump out some good old fashion posts that actually feature me in them! It's been a rarity over the past 2 years - did you know this baby turned 2 years old in December?! - but I'm ready to share some styling with you and possibly inspire others. Who knows?

We all aren't so lucky to have our own personal photographer ready to help us out as and when we need them, in fact most of us rely on mum/sister/best friend/tripod/neighbour/stranger/astronaut to take pictures for us - and they are most definitely amateurs. But that doesn't mean they can't take some cracking photographs if given more credit, and guidance.

Here are some tips I've compiled for your 'photographer', you and definitely my mum.

Tip 1 - Take some images yourself. Obviously you can't take outfit selfies from the distance they would, you're not Stretch Armstrong. Ask a friend if you can photograph them in certain poses to see how easy or difficult it is to actually capture the image you want. It may not be as simple as you expect it to be.

Tip 2 - Use your knowledge. Once you're satisfied with what you've learnt from that experience, you'll probably have images you can share in a blog post for starters, and also you'll have some knowledge that you can pass on to your right hand man. Win/win? I think so.
Tip 3 - Pinterest. Over the past couple of months I've started a Pinterest board full of styling images that have clearly been shot for blogs. Make your own. You don't necessarily have to be fond of the image as a whole but you may like the blogger/models post, outfit ensemble, location, placement etc and that's great, use all of the visual content to create what you really want for your own blog. Make use of that description box below the image, type in why you like the shot for later reference, trust me, you'll probably forget.

I like to pin images that show close ups, whether it be of hands showing jewellery, portraits of a handbag or details, as they are more challenging photography aspects for such a creation.

You can view my board here.

Tip 4 - Explain your pins/inspiration. Tell your helper what you like about the images, why you want to have a similar shot and how you propose to help them achieve it. It's brilliant to show them images because they can understand your visions, but some explanation can help them understand the shot so much more.
Tip 5 - Pick the location. I can't tell you how many times I've said to my mum 'Can you take some outfit pictures for me this weekend?' to which she'll reply 'Of course, where do you want to go?' then I'm stumped, I have no clue - and guess what? - we don't end up doing it. Be prepared, your super awesome companion is doing you a favour so don't waste their time.

Tip 6 - Don't expect perfection. Take a look back at the earlier posts of your favourite bloggers. They all look a bit awkward, the pictures aren't crisp enough, the editing isn't right, the angle is all wrong. We all have to start somewhere, so to begin with the images may not be what you necessarily want, but you'll learn what works best each time you shoot and so will your photographer. Be prepared to share some slightly-off photography. No one will judge!

Tip 7 - Have fun. We can all get so bogged down with our blogs, and making everything look just right can be the last straw to making you tear your hair out, amiright? Don't take everything so seriously, especially when you're on a shoot. Be natural. The natural shots always look the most fun and relatable to your audience. Let them see the side you don't normally show!

I'm no expert, obviously, but these are just some tips I've thought may help those who are really wanting to share this type of photography on their blogs. However, I hope this has inspired some of you honeybee's and you have the help and confidence to help you on your merry blogging way.

It's time for me to put my own advice to the test, wish me luck.

S xo
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  1. Very good tips - I am going to get started on the Pinterest post asap! Thanks very much!

    1. Thank you very much! I definitely find it very helpful, hope you do too. Would love to see your Pinterest :)

      Sam xo

  2. Good tips. I once showed one of my friends loads of Pinterest / blog photos and it still didn't register. I don't think they'll ever get it, haha! My husbands getting better, but I never feel like I can do my sultry poses unless I have my tripod (or my sister taking them!)
    Bee |

    1. Haha I definitely understand, I posted this on Facebook in hopes my mum would read it but I don't think she got the hint!

      Sometimes it feels easier to do it yourself, doesn't it? Your post photography always looks great though!

      S xo

  3. Such a helpful post! I don't really prepare before taking outfit pics, but I will definitely be looking more on Pinterest for some inspo! xx

    Becky | BCKY.CO.UK

    1. I'm so glad you found it useful, Becky. Yes, Pinterest is definitely the best source for inspiration.

      S xo


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