Tuesday 16 February 2016


There are those bloggers that you stumble across on our little (or now rather large) corner of the 'net that not only create ultra marvy content, but also inspire you and leave your head swirling after they publish a new post.

Carrie Harwood of Wish Wish Wish is without a doubt one of those bloggers that leaves me envious with her perfect photography, bright lighting and chicest contemporary-meets-60's style.

She has the ability to make everything look so pretty and soft, every outfit looks carefully curated like she's taking centre stage at Royal Albert Hall. Carrie comes across so natural in front of the camera and seems to be one of the sweetest bloggers making waves right now.

Her hair always perfectly compliments her outfits too, mostly milk braids, beehive or down to shoulder length with her selection of favourite hats. I'm definitely feeling headwear inspired now!

Needless to say, her wardrobe is another thing I'm envious of, but when we can live our fashion dreams out in Carrie, who's going to mind?

You can have a good old nosey at Carrie's blog here; WishWishWish

My Carrie Pinterest board is below.

And because I love her blog photography so much (!!!), I made a Pinterest board for that too!

SB xo
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  1. I love her blog as well! xx



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