Monday 2 March 2015


The hype around the Sam Taylor-Johnson directed, fan fiction writer written 50 Shades of Grey film has been phenomenal, but it hasn't had me rushing out to the cinema and I shan't be doing so anytime soon. The thought of seeing 2 actors who apparently had no chemistry participating in severe sexual acts has me more uncomfortable than the thought of watching it with my mum. I feel strongly about correct casting in any cinematic endeavours.

Instead, I was more excited about 50 shades of grey clothing. And no, I don't mean 'Yes Way, Mr Grey' slogan shirts. I genuinely saw that in River Island.

At first thought, grey sounds unbearably bleak and when the sky is coloured with it, you're right. But different shades of grey can actually be quite exciting, especially when brands and designers create just the right piece. It's always exceptional when you think white is included. 

(NB. Not all items are still available, a fair portion are no longer sold)
Quite often I forget the resemblance between silver and grey, yet that coat dress is just the perfect mix of both and gives a sheen to the shade. Those Dune loafers are a tease, I'm definitely on the hunt for a slightly cheaper pair as I know they'll be perfect for the summer.

The longline blazer above has slightly blue tones, another colour that I tend to overlook as a family link to grey. Chiara Ferragni's silver glittered flats are a perfect way to incorporate grey into your outfit in a fun and quirky way. Those H&M dungarees are also new in and are only £14.99.
If you're feeling those brightly coloured Nike running shoes are getting old, then these mid grey ones are a perfect alternative to colour or plain black. I've noticed a lot of white has crept into these sets but can you really blame me? I adore grey knit sweaters, I own a pale one and I wear so often as it's so versatile.
A grey fedora is something I'm really lacking. After owning a black one and a camel one,  I feel grey is definitely my next step. A button down white skirt is perfect fir summer, I definitely need a replacement one fir my too-big DKNY one. The checkered skirt shown here is absolutely wonderful, it showcases a few different shades which makes it much more versatile. Just pick out each colour and you're matched!

White heeled, peep toe mules. Gasp!
The 'Je Parle Francais' tee opened my eyes to navy and grey, and boy do they look great together! Marl grey is also such a trend at the moment, I love the sleeveless roll neck above. Can someone please buy me these suede Burberry boots?

So it isn't a bright colour but it looks fantastic with colour pops such as orange, lime green, bright pink etc.

I'd love to see how style grey. Tweet me pictures or send me links of your outfits.

SB xo
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