Tuesday 17 February 2015


To me, street style is a million miles more inspirational than runway fashion, it's more accessible, malleable and opens your eyes to a whole new perspective you wouldn't have dreamed of.

So fashion week street style has my eyes bugging out and glued to my computer screen, my lips upturned so far that the corners reach my hairline and my heart racing with ultimate lust. I may sound borderline insane. And maybe I am.
New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 has just taken place, and whilst I've not had 2 minutes to even check out the runway ensembles and goings-on, I've kept in check with what talent the streets have been lined with.
I've grown a  major lust for long coats, I definitely must invest in more seeing as I only have one long mac hanging off my wardrobe door.
Bright, or light, colours in winter are my favourite. Despite how often I'm seen in monochrome or dark colours, I can't resist how pretty light pinks or winter whites look in contrast to a dull-lit day.


Who stood out in terms of street style in NY for you? What shows had you going crazy with envy?
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SB xo
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